What to do if the car does not brake

Knowing what to do if the car does not brake will give you the resources to respond to one of the most dangerous situations that a driver can face. There are a number of techniques with which you can get the car to lose speed in the event of the situation that the brakes fail. Good brake maintenance is the key to prevent this from happening. In .com we explain what to do if the car does not brake.

Steps to follow:


To know what to do if the car does not brake you must take into account the engine brake. It's about getting the car to reduce its speed because you're getting lower gears. For this, what you have to do is stop pressing the accelerator, step on the clutch and put a lower gear. For example, if you go in fifth, go to fourth. You will see how the car slows down. Then, enter third and go down until you get the car to stop completely.


Another alternative if the car does not brake is to try to unclog the pedal in case this is the reason why the brake does not respond. To do this, try slightly raising the brake pedal by placing the foot underneath. Once you have done it, try to use the brake again to see if now it responds. If this technique works, do not forget to go to a mechanical workshop to fix the pedal and do not put yourself at risk.


If the car does not brake you can also resort to making the contact of the car against a side surface produce a gradual decrease in the speed of the car until you can stop it completely. This operation consists in approaching the car, for example, to the guardrail making the car contact it lightly. As you can imagine, it is a dangerous operation that you should only resort to in extreme cases.


If you are lucky enough to have a braking zone on the road you are driving, you should turn to it. They are usually enabled on roads with steep slopes and are aimed at heavy vehicles, but you can use it in case your car does not brake . They are identified by a signal like the one you see in the photograph.


In any case, as long as your car does not brake put the emergency lights so that the rest of the cars that circulate on the road are informed that something is happening and are alert to any strange maneuver. In addition, although we understand that it will be difficult, try to keep calm to be able to assess which alternative to turn to and that you can get out of the best way before the event.


Once you have managed to stop your car without brakes, it correctly signals the fault and alerts the emergency services.