What documentation does a trailer need?

The treatment at the administrative level of the trailers is different depending on their size, so that there are different standards from the 750 kilos of maximum authorized mass, measure known by the acronym MMA. Thus, it will be necessary to have a broader documentation in the case of trailers of more than 750 kilos of MMA. To be aware of all the requirements, in .com we explain what documentation a trailer needs.

Up to 750 kilos of MMA

If the trailer has 750 kilos of MMA or less, you should not have as much documentation as in the case of those that exceed this size.

  • So, you just have to have the technical sheet, which is the same as the cars.
  • As for the insurance, it will be enough to have a supplement in the policy of the car that will drag it. Some insurance already include it even if you have not requested it, so you must call your company to check it. In the event that this is not the case, you will have to pay an additional fee to carry your trailer .

More than 750 kilos of MMA

In the case of trailers with more than 750 kilos of MMA, more procedures have to be done to obtain all the necessary documentation to comply with the law.

  • You must have the technical sheet, just as in the previous case.
  • The trailer will have to have its own insurance. The price is around 50 euros.
  • You must have a driving license.
  • The ITV has to pass.
  • Red registration. You will obtain it in the General Directorate of Traffic, providing the towing invoice, the rest of the documentation and your ID.