Why my motorcycle goes off in gear

The question of why my motorcycle shuts down can have many answers. From a battery in poor condition or simply misplaced, to a trestle switch that is not pressed, a badly carbureted motorcycle or the loose spark plug wire. In any case, whatever the reason, it is a problem relevant enough for you to lend solution, going to your trusted mechanic if you consider it necessary. In we give you an answer to the question of why my motorcycle shuts down on the fly .

Steps to follow:


If your motorcycle shuts down on the go you may have a problem with the coil cable that goes to the spark plug. This connection may be loose and cause it to disconnect at certain times, with the result that the motorcycle stops working after it has started up normally.


In carburation you can also find an answer. Thus, a fault in the carburetion of your motorcycle causes the fuel mixture does not reach the engine optimally, with the result that it reaches drowning and stops after a while of operation. In this case, the problem can be solved by cleaning the carburetor.


If the battery of your motorcycle is in bad condition or is defective, it can cause the motorcycle to turn off during operation . Sometimes, although this device is well charged and of quality, a badly placed terminal will give the same result.


The goat leg or easel of the motorbike and, in particular, its switch, can also be the reason why the motorcycle is turned off during operation . So, if it does not work well and is not pressed when you pick up the kickstand, it will cause your machine to turn off when you are going to clutch.


These are some of the causes that can cause your motorcycle to turn off in gear . In any case, we recommend that you pass as soon as possible by a mechanic and leave the motorcycle so that you can review it thoroughly and confirm what is causing your vehicle to stop working.


Traveling on two wheels you are much more vulnerable than the driver of a car, so your machine must work perfectly so that your safety is not compromised on the road due to mechanical failure.