Why my motorcycle pulls

If you usually travel by motorcycle or car in the usual way, to work or to your daily activities, you know that there are times when our vehicle has small failures or shows certain actions that are not common during driving. Sometimes they are serious problems, while in other occasions they can be specific defects that do not cause any alteration in the vehicle.

One of these more common cases than we think are those jerks that give occasional motorcycles. Most people do not know why this event can occur and it is normal that it generates cause for concern. For that reason, in, we explain the reasons that give answer to your doubt of " why my motorbike gives jerks? ".

A carburetor in poor condition makes the bike jerk

You are driving on the street or on the road and when you accelerate notes that your bike is pulling, and therefore it is not accelerating as it should. It is a fairly common problem and one of the most usual reasons that causes this failure is a defect or problem of the carburetor .

Our first recommendation is that if, in fact, you think that it is most likely a defect in this part of the bike, do not take charge of trying to solve it on your own. It is true that sometimes, simply by the fact that a lot of dirt has accumulated inside can be causing these pulls, and that cleaning it is enough to make them disappear. But this implies having to disassemble it, clean it deeply and reassemble it. In addition, there may be a part that is more worn out than is convenient or damaged, so when there are incidents in the carburetor, it is advisable to go to a trusted professional to have a complete review and solve any problem in the same way adequate

Also, if you have enough basic knowledge on the subject, you can try to do it yourself following the advice of this other article on How to clean the carburetor of my motorcycle.

Problems with the spark plug

If the carburetor is perfectly and we can rule out any type of failure related to this area of ​​the bike, the next piece we can suspect is the spark plug. As in a car, proper operation is essential.

When a motorcycle pulls during acceleration, the most common is that it is a defect in the spark plug wire . It may be producing a derivation, or having a break, the spark plug itself or the pipe. If so, it will be necessary to change one of the pieces or both.

Although as in the case of the carburetor we advise you to go to a specialist you trust, it is true that the changes and repairs in the spark plug are relatively easy to do if you have some knowledge of mechanics, apart from which economically they will not come out as expensive as defects in other pieces.

In this other article we explain how to change the spark plugs of a motorcycle.

Dirt in the air filter

It may seem very obvious, but we do not always consider air filters, which are more important than we can imagine when a motorcycle or other type of vehicle works properly.

You've already checked the carburetor and it's all right. You have also reviewed the spark plug and you have not found any defect. Now it's time to check the air filter. It may be that a long time has passed since you last cleaned it and that the dirt has accumulated, so that it is quite clogged. You can choose two solutions: clean it thoroughly to remove the blockage or, if it is too dirty and for a considerable time that you do not touch it to clean it or to put a new one, then it is better to change it. If that was the problem, you will notice how your bike stops tugging immediately.

An excess of gasoline

You may not have thought about it, but if you have already reviewed all the previous elements and you have not found any fault that is causing those jerks when you accelerate the motorcycle, it may be that the fault has an excess of gasoline .

This can occur because you keep the starter or air lever connected while you are driving your motorcycle. This causes that the quantity of gasoline that there is inside the mixture is greater of the advisable thing, so that your motorcycle is not working with the amount that needs. Remember that the air lever is very useful in the event that your motorcycle is hard to start or have problems to move in the first moments, but then you must disconnect the air lever or starter to avoid these annoying pulls and other posible problems.