How to give a pill to my cat

If you have a cat and you have to give him some medicine you will already have noticed that it is not an easy task. Give your cat a pill, if you do not do it right, it can turn into a bad drink for both your pet and you. Among the different care you should give your cat is the responsibility to give him medication when necessary, many cats get very nervous and some aggressive when that time comes. That's why in .com we explain how to give a pill to your cat.

Steps to follow:


The golden rule to give a pill to your cat is to be calm. Observe your cat and look for a moment when he is relaxed so he can approach him and give him the medication he needs. It is not that you wake up to administer the pill, if you disturb the sleep will not react well. A good option is to call him to go to a place that he likes, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Places with very positive connotations so that it does not cost you to come to your call. When you appear you must offer some edible reward such as cookies, or a piece of turkey or chicken sausage without fat or salt to make it irresistible.


A good tip to administer a pill to your cat if it gets difficult, is to wrap it in a towel . Grab a towel that covers it well, spread it on the table and place your pet on it, once you are calm you can wrap your whole body with it, leaving your head out. When your cat is covered by the fabric is a perfect time to give your medicine, with this technique you can rest assured that you do not scratch yourself by accident while you give your medicine.

Another option is to gently grasp your pet by firmly holding its front legs so it does not move or try to defend itself while you try to give the pill.


The next step to give a pill to your cat is that you take your jaw safely and modify its angle. If you are right-handed use your left hand and place it above the head of your cat, your face should be clear. You have to hold the upper part of your head with your hand, because of the prominent cheekbones you can hold your head well without hurting it. Then you will have to toss your head back slightly so your nose looks up.


Once the head of your pet is somewhat backwards, you will have to hold the pill with your right hand. Hold the medication between the thumb and forefinger, with the rest of the hand you will have to keep the lower jaw open and try to put the pill in the deepest so that your cat can swallow it easily. You will know if you have done well because your cat will begin to lick the entire mouth area with the tongue, but it is advisable that you look carefully so that it does not spit on it.

We are talking about a medicine that you will have to administer periodically so you must learn to do it and make sure you take it.


Finally, have a syringe with water handy to give you some fresh water that helps you swallow the pill. It is important because it will not stay any remaining medication stuck in your throat or esophagus.

The pills or pills should never be administered dry because they could deposit in the esophagus and end up causing some inflammation. Once your pet has taken the pill and given it water, you can give it an edible prize and you will see how little by little your cat will overcome the moment without problems.


Another good option to give your cat a pill, much simpler than administering it directly, is to hide it in food . The best option is to do it in a wet feed like canned feed, which felines simply love. To achieve it successfully you must:

  • Leave the animal without eating for a few hours, in this way you assure yourself that it will consume its food with real desire.
  • On his empty plate ΒΌ of the usual canned food ration that he would have to eat and hide the pills inside. Call the cat to eat and stay close to make sure the animal has eaten all the food.
  • Then empty the rest of the can to complete the portion and let the cat finish eating.

In the market there are similar products to cat cookies that contain a hole in which it is possible to hide the pills when we must give our cat a medical treatment. Consult your veterinarian about the existence of this product in your country, because it is an excellent option to take into account in order to administer a medicine quickly and effectively.