How and why to sterilize my cat

If there is a point where animal lovers agree is that the owners have the responsibility to prevent our pets from reproducing constantly, bringing to the world puppies that later will hardly find a home, a premise that is very valid especially in the cats, because the cats have a changing zeal that is activated by the stimulation and the seasons . Before this process, sterilization is the best option, so in .with we clarify the panorama so that you know how and why to sterilize your cat

Steps to follow:


If you have a cat sterilization is favorable in the first place to avoid unwanted pregnancies with offspring that will later be difficult to find a home, it is also beneficial to prevent your feline, in the case of not reproducing, present problems of psychological pregnancies, breast cysts, among other conditions


In both cats and cats, sterilization reduces one of the most important problems that owners face: behavioral changes due to estrus in the case of females, and the desire to reproduce when there is a cat nearby in the case of cats. males, because this process avoids behavioral disorders that the animal suffers in these periods


Also in the case of cats sterilization helps reduce territoriality, so your furniture will not suffer so much, in the case of felines anxiety is lowered, the typical meows of heat and the possibility of unwanted pregnancies and diseases


The appropriate time to sterilize your cat is when it has reached puberty, which can occur between eight and ten months of age, depending on the time of year in which it was born. It is usually detected because the attitude of the animal changes, although you can always consult your veterinarian to make sure you have reached that stage


To sterilize it you simply must go to your veterinarian or to a specialized center in it. Many animal protection societies perform sterilization operations at very low cost, to encourage owners to operate their pets


Before sterilizing your cat, it will be checked, so you should not worry, the process is very simple and soon your little animal will be fine again


After sterilization it is advisable to take precautions especially at the food level, since your cat will have other nutritional needs, so you should buy special food for sterilized cats. Take into account that you will be more prone to obesity, so reducing portions is a good tool


Do not hesitate to take this step, it is a measure that will guarantee the health of your animal, it will minimize your behavioral changes and it will allow to effectively control the problems of birth and animal abandonment that affect the world today.

  • If you have any doubt about this process consult your veterinarian, who can guide and clarify all your concerns
  • This process is quite routine, your cat will recover soon and will be ready for games and fun