What are the speed limits in Germany

When talking about the speed limits in Germany we all come to mind that in the German country can be circulated as the driver wants. Actually, the fact that there are no speed limits in Germany is not entirely true; What is real is that the German roads are not comparable with many European highways and roads, especially in terms of the quality of the pavement. In .com we explain in detail what the speed limits are in Germany.

Steps to follow:


First we explain where there are no speed limits . This happens in certain areas of the German motorways. In these sections of Autobahnen calls, the driver can drive at the speed you want, and allow your car, of course.


Of course, a kilometer before and after an exit or an incorporation in these stretches of highway, the maximum that can be circulated is 130 kilometers per hour.


So that we have an idea of ​​how many stretches of motorways are without speed limit in Germany, to point out that it is about a third of the motorway network, which occupies 12, 000 kilometers.


In the remaining 8, 000 kilometers of freeways, the limit is 130 kilometers per hour.


In the German cities, you can not exceed 50 kilometers per hour, as in the Spanish.


On the other hand, on conventional roads, cars must go at a maximum of 100 kilometers per hour, with the exception of those sections that indicate that it is possible to drive at a higher speed.