What are the car filters

As its name suggests, its work is based on the filtration of physical elements of air or fluids such as oil and fuel. They are essential for the operation of the car and allow to filter the impurities that may arrive external to the engine and thus extend the life of our car . In the vehicles are mounted of several types filters:

Air filter

First of all, there are different types of air filter for our car, paper, foam and even cotton and the good condition of each filter depends on the material. A filter in good condition guarantees that the air that reaches the engine does not contain abrasive particles . In this way, combustion is carried out under the best conditions and fuel consumption is maintained at the levels included in the vehicle catalog, as is the case with polluting emissions. The end of his life depends a lot on the places where he circulates. Hence, in case of walking on dusty roads usually, it is necessary to proceed much more frequently to its replacement than if driving in much cleaner environments. Provide a feeling of cleanliness and well-being inside the interior.

It is advisable to replace them once a year, unless it is frequently driven on dusty or heavily soiled grounds. Important: a clogged filter has even worse health consequences than the absence of a filter.

Oil filters

The normal wear of the engine implies the appearance of metallic particles that detach from the components and end up in the lubricant. The purpose of the oil filter is to retain these particles which impair the performance of the engine or even seriously damage it. Since the oil replacement periods have been greatly extended in new vehicles and despite the fact that the quality of the filters has improved significantly, it is essential to replace this element each time the lubricant is changed. Normally the oil change reviews are every 2 years in new cars and every year in older cars.

Cabin air filters

If the rest of the filters that are mounted on a vehicle are intended to ensure the health of the car's engine, the interior engine deals with the health of its occupants. As it does? "Catching" dust particles and pollen grains that are suspended in the environment. They avoid, therefore, that they enter the vehicle and reduce its negative incidence, especially in allergic ones, in addition to providing a sensation of cleanliness and well-being inside the passenger compartment. It is advisable to change the car's filters once a year, unless it is often driven on dusty or heavily soiled grounds.

Fuel filters

Its operation differs in the case of gasoline or diesel vehicles. In the first case, their job is to eliminate impurities from the fuel before they reach the engine, while in vehicles that run on diesel they serve to eliminate water and prevent corrosion of the metallic elements of the engine. In both cases, your task is paramount to ensure the health of the engine. They should be checked whenever the vehicle enters the shop for maintenance.