What are the advantages of a car with manual transmission

The cars of manual transmission, also known as marches, are the preferred vehicles of Europeans, while in the United States, Japan and many countries in Latin America, most drivers opt for automatic vehicles. This type of car has several advantages that can be very attractive for the buyer, so if you are thinking about buying a car and you have not decided the exchange rate, in .com we explain what are the advantages of a car with manual transmission .

Steps to follow:


One of the most attractive advantages of manual cars when purchasing one is its price. They are cheaper than automatic machines and, in most countries, have a wider range of models, so it is very easy to choose one.


At the level of driving the advantages are several. First of all, a manual transmission car allows less wear on the brakes, because the mechanical clutch of the car means that on the downhill we can use the gear change to slow down the vehicle, instead of using the brakes only as it happens with the automatic cars.


Drivers of gears often repeat that this type of vehicle allows greater control of the vehicle, given precisely by the manual change. We can vary speed with greater precision when driving, a detail that is especially noticeable when we have the need to brake suddenly.


The maintenance costs of manual transmission vehicles are lower than those of automatic transmission, due in particular to less wear of the brakes and the fluid of the manual transition. At the same time, if in the country where you live, change cars are more popular, at the time of selling it you will be able to do it at a better price because there is a lot of demand in the market.