What is the real price of new cars

If we are willing to change our car and deal with the purchase of a new car, to know how much it will cost us, we will have to resort to many factors, since its price includes many components that can change the sale price. . In this article we are going to help you to determine what is the real price of new cars so you really know how much this change of vehicle will mean.

Factors that influence the real price of new cars

To know what the real price of new cars is, it is important that we take into account the factors that can alter the amount of the vehicle. Initially the manufacturer charges us the so-called Franco Factory Price (PFF) and the cost of transporting the vehicle from the factory to the dealer.

The rest of the ingredients of the price of a car is formed by taxes:

  • The registration tax, which varies between 0 and 14.75%
  • VAT, which is 18%

Therefore, before deciding to buy a new car it is important that we take into account that we will have to have enough liquid to assume these taxes and additions that we impose from the State and the dealer.

What else can alter the real price of the car

But to know the real price of new cars we also have to take into account other elements that may increase the amount we pay.

We can make it even more complicated to find out the final price we will pay for the car if once we have the sale price, we add extras to our car. These prices are added to the PFF, so they are subject to taxes. This means that, for example, an air conditioner is more expensive in a gasoline than in a diesel car because of the difference in the registration tax.

And here the thing does not end, since we also have promotions. With them, dealers give us official discounts, amounts that reduce the sale price. The discount that comes with the promotion depends on each dealer, and promotions usually change almost from month to month, so in a period of several months the price of the car can suffer significant variations.