How to sell a car by pieces

If you want to get rid of your old car and foresee that you will not get much for it, a good alternative is to sell it by pieces, since you can get more economic benefit in this way. In this case, the vehicle repair shops will be your main buyers, since they will know how to use a part of your car that is still in good condition, although you can also opt for the sale through the Internet. In .com we explain how to sell a car by pieces .

Steps to follow:


One option to find buyers is to advertise on specialized Internet portals . There are many and there you can contact both workshops and individuals who are interested in buying car parts.


In the ad, give the maximum details about your vehicle: make, model, year of manufacture, etc. It is also interesting that you explain what is your state and the most important repairs you have suffered, so that the potential buyer can get an idea of ​​how the piece that interests you will be.


Another alternative is that you go directly to the workshops in your city to offer the sale of your car by pieces. Thus, the buyer can directly check the status of your vehicle and assess whether you are interested or not buying the parts. If you do not master the sector, try to be accompanied by someone who is a specialist to avoid losing out in the business.


As for the infrastructure, you should have a place to leave the car while you do not sell it completely and have knowledge to disassemble it as you go selling a piece. Otherwise, you will need to hire a mechanic to do so, which is an expense that you must bear in mind before deciding to sell your car in pieces.


Another economic issue that you should assess is the transport costs in case you have to send the pieces out of your city. They will be heavy packages, with which the price of the shipment will not be cheap.


Once you have sold all the parts of the car, to get rid of the unusable remains of the car you must go to a scrapyard and definitively decommission the car. The center will be in charge of this process.