How to check the oil of a 4-stroke motorcycle

Like any other vehicle, our motorcycle requires some minimum care to ensure its proper functioning and its durability. One of the most important aspects is the oil, which depending on the type of motorcycle and the use that we give it, must be checked with certain frequency . However, many owners are faced with a scenario full of doubts when they do not know where to start, so in .com we explain how to check the oil of a 4-stroke motorcycle easily.

Steps to follow:


For our motorcycle to circulate properly and effectively, it is important to maintain a good level of oil. In the 4-stroke, every 1, 000 km and just before a long trip we must devote ourselves to the task of measuring the oil and replenish what has been lost, to make sure that it will work perfectly.

If we usually drive through unstable terrain or live in a hot city, it is convenient to check the oil more frequently.


To check the oil of a 4-stroke motorcycle, it is advisable to take a short walk so that the engine oil circulates. Once you arrive at home or where you are going to make the revision, you should let the motorcycle rest for 15 minutes to allow the oil to drain and return to its position.

Many people recommend measuring cold engine oil, however this method is considered more effective by some mechanics.


After the resting time has elapsed, with the bike in a horizontal position without resting on the stand, remove the oil dipstick and clean it. Replace it but without screwing (very important) to measure the current oil level.


There are different types of rods, but all will always have an indicator with two stripes that clearly indicate the minimum and maximum level of oil that the motorcycle should have. When you remove the rod you can see the current level of oil, if it is correct screw and go quiet. Otherwise you must restore until you reach the desired level.


It is very important to take into account that you must always use the same oil that the motorcycle has to replace. That's why once you do the oil change in the revisions of your motorcycle, make sure you buy one or several boats of that brand to have at home.