How to remove the seat of my motorcycle

To perform many of the maintenance tasks that your motorcycle needs, you must lift the seat of your motorcycle. This way is the only way you will have to access many of the pieces that make up your machine. Sometimes, something that should be simple, is complicated. To help you take care of your two-wheeled vehicle and to extend its useful life, in .com we answer the question of how to remove the seat of my motorcycle.

Steps to follow:


The first advice is to consult the manual of your motorcycle. The reason is that perhaps the manufacturer includes in the documentation some specific recommendation on how to remove the seat of the motorcycle, which would greatly facilitate the operation.


In some motorcycle models, what you should do is locate the hitch whose function is to support the hull. Normally, it is on one side. Well, another of the roles of this piece is to serve as a game to lift the seat . So, you should turn it, normally, to the left.


Then, you will notice how the seat of the motorcycle is released and, pulling it backwards, you will be able to remove it and access the parts that you need to manipulate to work in the maintenance of the motorcycle.


Another option is that the seat of the motorcycle opens with the ignition key . You must put it in a lock on the side. Then, a small hook will be shown and you can pull down a lever next to this lock. When you do, the seat will go back and you can open it.


As you can see, the way to remove the seat of the motorcycle is different depending on the models. Therefore, we recommend that you get a manual of your vehicle to find out how to lift the seat. In this way, you will go straight to the point and there is less chance that any piece will be damaged by force.


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