How to choose a flea collar for cats

Although there are more effective and comfortable methods to protect your cat from insects and parasites, if you have chosen the collar to protect your cat, keep reading this article as it will be of great interest. One of the most important issues when it comes to taking care of your feline's health is to assess which antipulgas system to choose so if you need a little help in .com we tell you how to choose a cat flea collar.

Steps to follow:


To begin, you must think what necklace to choose . On the one hand, there are repellent collars that serve to repel and prevent insects such as lice, mosquitoes, ticks and also fleas, among others; These can be used when your cat does not have any parasites. This type of collars serve as prevention and protect your cat from possible attacks and all kinds of infestations for months.

This system does not contain chemical insecticides, they are composed of natural extracts with a natural repellent effect. They can be used even with pregnant females and puppies.


On the other hand, there are antiparasitic collars that fight fleas, ticks and other parasites when they are already living in your cat. This system prevents new infestations of insects for months, its composition is based on active material with insecticidal power and gradually eliminates insects from 48 hours after starting to use the collar.

The necklace is impregnated with insecticides that emit toxic gases for fleas, it has a double action: it eliminates the fleas that are roaming the body of your feline and prevents future problems.

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The problem with collars is that their chemical composition is very powerful and can cause serious long-term problems in your pet. Many of these components cause allergies, tumors, hair loss and even neurological damage, so it is a complex and controversial issue; In fact, apart from how harmful it can be for your cat, it is considered that the collars do not act effectively to combat fleas since they are concentrated in the back of your cat and not near the neck.

Another disadvantage of the necklaces is that, considering how climbers and playful they are, they could get stuck somewhere and their lives could be in danger; In addition, you should never use your dog's flea collar for your cat because you could end up poisoning your pet due to the high concentration of insecticide.


If you are still determined to opt for the collar, talk to your veterinarian to help you with the choice because you have to take into account the material that is made and that is something elastic so there is no danger of drowning or stay a hooked leg if you try to scratch.

You can also consider using natural insecticides such as rosemary or tea tree, although they are less effective in terms of potency but much less aggressive. Talk to your veterinarian to advise you on the most appropriate method, the most normal thing is to recommend other methods of control such as pipettes or medicines for internal use along with the occasional bath a year.