How to dress for a christening

Are you looking for ideas to dress for a baptism? Whether you are a guest or you are the mother of the child, in this article you can find all the information you need to choose your look properly and with the certainty that you will be perfect. It is always convenient to take into account the characteristics of each event in particular to not clash and, above all, wear an outfit that feels good to your figure and with which you feel comfortable. Keep reading and discover how to dress for a baptism, you can also find out what are the hairstyles and makeup style most appropriate for this celebration. Do not miss it!

Think about the time of year

Before getting down to work and go looking for the dress for a baptism, remember that baptisms can be done at any time of the year. Spring is the most popular season, so many are planned for this date, but you can face a sunny day or a cloudy day or rain, so we recommend that you report the weather and temperature in advance.

The ideal is to always wear a jacket, one that is light in summer or a coat if it is a winter christening. Usually, christenings are usually held in the morning, so you must choose the right clothes for this time of day, completely discarding dresses and evening or party outfits.

Elegance and sobriety

Dressing for a baptism, whether you are the creature's mother or a guest, always requires these two concepts: elegance and sobriety. You are facing a semi-formal event that is usually held during the day or in the early afternoon, so you should dress elegantly but without excesses and, of course, according to your style.

Take note of all the clothes and accessories that should be avoided in a baptism to not clash with the rest of attendees.

  • Very long dresses and gala. These are suitable for night events.
  • Very short dresses or miniskirts.
  • Very pronounced necklines, either in the front or in the back.
  • Sequins and fabrics very bright or flashy.
  • Strident prints.
  • High heels.
  • Very large or excess accessories.

In short, so as not to detract from the role of the baby and adapt fully to this type of celebration, it is best to opt for a dress and elegant and simple, without overloading too much look or make it very striking. In these events, always apply the rule less is more and you will guess for sure.

The most suitable colors for a christening

Another aspect to take into account when dressing for a baptism are the colors of the clothes that you will wear that day. Although there is no strict norm, as it is a celebration that revolves around the birth of a baby, it is best to choose bright colors, light colors or cakes, especially if you are the mother or the child's godmother. The most agreeable tones are the beige, creams, light gray, light blue, aquamarine, lilac, pink, salmon, dull yellow, etc. Then, you can complete your look by adding some accessories or shoes in stronger colors, so you'll be perfect.

On the contrary, avoid dresses or christening suits in very dark colors, such as navy blue, dark brown or black. And, as we pointed out in the previous section, avoid very flashy prints and prefer those more subtle or plain colored garments.

Ideas for costumes and dresses for a christening

Whether you are the mother or a guest, you are sure to ask yourself: what is the appropriate length for a baptism? Well, no skirts minis or long dresses, the most appropriate is a dress or skirt that reaches the knee or that is about 4 cm above it, so you will look appropriate and comfortable for a family event of these characteristics. In addition to the length, it is essential that you bear in mind that if the ceremony is held in the church, you should have your shoulders covered, so you can resort to a jacket or a shawl that you can later remove.

There are many possibilities that you can choose to dress for a baptism and be beautiful, then we show some of the most elegant options for the occasion, so you can choose the one you like and the one that best suits your style:

  • Dress at knee height, straight cut, classic or romantic.
  • Suit jacket and pants.
  • Suit jacket and skirt.
  • Look blouse + trousers: you can choose very fashionable palazzo pants, a baggy or trousers with tweezers and combine them with a chiffon or silk blouse.

Hats, headgear and accessories

The rule of less is more should also be applied in the accessories and accessories at the time of dressing for a baptism. They must be discreet and, as the name says, complement the rest of the garments and not be the undisputed protagonists of the look.

In case you want to wear a hat, keep in mind that if the celebration is in the morning, you should wear a wide-brimmed hat or a hat, on the other hand, if it is in the afternoon, you should wear a short-brimmed hat. Likewise, headdresses should be as simple and discreet as possible.

As for the other accessories, you can carry a clutch bag and some jewelry, such as pendants or bracelets, simple and elegant to suit the style of the clothes.

Makeup and hairstyles for a christening

Not only should you pay attention to the outfit that you will wear on the day of the baptism, to see you beautiful are also very important aspects such as hair and makeup. For the hairstyle, the possibilities are endless, you can wear it loose and smooth or with waves or choose semi-picked or low, two types of hairstyles perfect for events such as baptisms or communions. Discover good ideas by consulting the articles Fashion Hairstyles and Easy Hairstyles Ideas.

As for makeup for a baptism, our advice is to give your face a natural, elegant and sophisticated look. To do this, you must opt ​​for nude or pastel shades and bring a lot of light to the skin. If you want to know how to get it, do not miss the step by step of the article How to make up for a baptism.

How to dress for a christening - man

So far we have talked about the most appropriate clothing for women, but how should men dress in a baptism? Take note of the advice we give below:

  • If it is not your style, it is not obligatory for the man to wear a full dress at a baptism. You can wear suit pants with a more casual jacket and a shirt. Chinese-style pants are also suitable.
  • Avoid costumes with very dark colors, such as navy blue or black. The lighter ones are preferable, such as gray, light blue, beige ...
  • If the suit is serious or neutral, you can give it a little color with a more lively and cheerful tie.
  • It is preferable that the shirt is long sleeve, light in color and with a good cut.
  • Wear shoes and avoid sports shoes.

In case you have doubts and do not know very well how to dress for a baptism to which you have been invited, you can always contact the parents of the child to get an idea of ​​what the dress code of the event is and how they are going to go the rest of guests.