How to educate my rabbit

When you have a pet, you always like us to understand you and interact with us. That is why educating our pet is the key to a better coexistence in the home. Thus the bond with your animal will become stronger. And with your rabbit is not less but also to educate him, you have to understand him. The rabbit is a very intelligent animal and with adequate incentives is able to be well educated. That's why from .com we give you some tips so you know how to educate your rabbit .

Steps to follow:


Check that your rabbit has an adequate diet, that it lives in adequate hygienic conditions and that it is checked at the veterinarian on a regular basis. If the rabbit is healthy and well fed it will be easier to educate him because he will feel good.


Speak to your rabbit always with a pleasant voice so that he trusts you. Never yell or chase him as he may distrust you and think you are a predator. Offer him food as this is a good incentive for him. Do it without making sudden movements and will arouse your curiosity. In this way you will attract him to you. If he approaches and is receptive, try to caress his forehead, if he is frightened he starts the process at another time.


Your rabbit, like all rabbits, stresses easily, so try to make the place where you are, be quiet.


If you want to catch your rabbit to give him love, take him carefully because they have a very delicate skeleton. If your rabbit does not want you to pick him up, wait and try when he is more receptive. Never force him if he does not want to.


If your rabbit does his needs outside his cage, look where he makes them put the tray there. Rabbits tend to relieve themselves in the same place and usually in a corner. If at another time you make your needs out of that place, tell them NOT to put them firmly in your tray, but you must do it at the moment you are urinating so that they understand it. If you do it right, reward him with food right after he finishes. When you are teaching him to do his necessities in his place, at the beginning leave the dirty cage a few days so that it smells like pee and associates it, but clean it if you see it very dirty.


Remember to let your rabbit out of the cage at least half an hour a day to exercise. When you have to put it back in the cage, guide him to enter the door again with little pushes on his backside or giving him some food inside his cage that motivates him to enter. For this to work it is very important that you do not fear because if you do not want to hide from you, never take it abruptly.


Never lose your nerves with your rabbit, remember that patience and affection will help you to educate your rabbit.


It can happen that your rabbit does not feel like caresses or that you take it and can scratch or bite you to tell you to leave him alone. This you should not take it badly, respect your wishes and discover what you like.


In order to educate your rabbit and live happily together, you have to know him and know what he is like.