How to prepare the return to school

When summer ends, there is a return to school, the time to return to the routine and children and adults must return to acquire the habits lost during the holidays. This can be a bit complicated for some and even more so for those children who start school for the first time. This is why we must take into account some things to make it easier to start classes and make everything easier, as well as try to save as much as possible on the return to school. In we give you some tips on how to prepare the return to classes.

Backpack, books, uniform ...

The time has come to start a new course : it is necessary to prepare the backpack with the books and all the school material necessary for the return to classes, as well as to put on the uniform, in the case of those who should wear it. It is important that children choose their wallet, notebooks, case ... because they will feel more comfortable when they go to class. It is also a good idea to help your parents when it comes to covering and labeling the books, that it is a joint task.

The alarm goes off again

From now on, each morning the alarm will sound again, that is, it will touch back early and that is something that becomes a hard task for some / as. In addition, during the summer we change our schedules and tend to lose the habit of going to bed soon; so we must return to the routine progressively. It is recommended not to wait for the first day of class, but to start early in the days before it is not so hard.


Although it is very normal that they are somewhat nervous about going back to school, it is important that children do not feel that this is a problem and face it with tension and anxiety . While some will be eager to see their classmates and teachers again, others would prefer not to go back to school, especially those who go to school for the first time, those who go from school to high school or those who change schools.

Parents should make an effort because this does not happen, we must transmit peace and safety in the return to school, which we will do through communication and support. If your child is going to start classes for the first time, check here how to help him adjust to school .

Motivation to the maximum

It is important that the kids go to school motivated, wanting to do things and make new friends. During the last days of the holidays, we should encourage them and tell them everything they will learn and do at school: field trips, friends, new teachers ... so that they can return to school with enthusiasm.

Other activities

With the return to school, extracurricular activities also return, which we must choose according to the tastes and interests of the children: sports, music, crafts, dance, etc. This will also be a good way for them to interact with other classmates that are not only those of their own class. We recommend you check our article How to choose extracurricular activities to choose them correctly.

  • It is very important that the children feel like returning to school, otherwise, we must motivate them.