How to care for your cat in winter

If you are a cat lover you will be interested to know that winter is a very delicate time for cats, and that they are very sensitive to low temperatures. Now is the time when you will see your cute cat curled up to keep his body temperature constant. From .com, we are going to tell you how to take care of your cat in winter, with some simple guidelines you will protect the health of your cat and also, it will be very comfortable.

Steps to follow:


During the winter it is very easy for your cat to constipate due to the low temperatures, rain and humidity, and if above, your cat is the one that goes out there for even worse adventures. You have to be very careful and take certain precautions so you do not get sick.


Whether your cat goes outside or home, changes in temperature affect negatively. So watch the sudden changes in temperature, although they are more worrisome for cats that go out a lot, in both cases you have to be careful, because that is the key to getting sick or not.


If you see that your feline sneezes, has runny, watery eyes and you see it clearly apathetic, go to the vet to see it as soon as possible because it is dangerous that the symptoms worsen. Not all cats suffer the same with temperatures, the most prone to get sick are puppy cats that have not developed their defenses, and cats older than 7 years whose defenses are low, cats with short hair, since their hair does not warm enough and cats that suffer some other disease.


One of the ways to strengthen your cat's defenses is with its annual vaccines. So we recommend that you never forget them, because they reinforce your cat's immune system. Although the cats are very well developed to avoid the entry of bacteria, with their lymph nodes that work as filters for microorganisms, you should not stop vaccinating for any reason.


And undoubtedly, to care for and protect your cat's immune system, the best is through a quality diet . Balanced and good food will make your cat healthy, energetic and strong in the face of external threats. Otherwise, your cat is more likely to get sick. Our advice is that you adapt the feeding of your feline to your special style of life. There are diets for homemade cats, outdoor cats, young, adults, castrated, overweight, etc.


In short, depending on the time of life, your cat will have specific needs for your immune system. A cat that spends a lot of time on the street, needs more food in winter than the rest of the year.