How to care for my cat in summer

Cats are one of the animals that best withstands the heat and, in fact, they love to lie in the sun and enjoy the summer season . Even so, it is necessary to take some precautions so that the cat does not suffer from high temperatures and remains in perfect health. In this article we explain in detail how to take care of my cat in summer.

Steps to follow:


In summer, we should take extreme care of our cat in terms of sun exposure, as these animals love sunbathing. But the truth is that the sun's rays can have a lot of negative effects on our pet, especially for some breeds.


Exposure to direct and prolonged sun can cause the cat a heat stroke or heat stroke, so we must provide areas of shade where you can rest. Also, if our cat is a great lover of the sun - as they are the majority - and refuses to give up sunny spaces, you should reduce the hours you spend there. For example, it may be a good idea to keep it indoors during the hours of highest insolation (from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


On the other hand, cats in summer can also be burned by solar radiation, especially light-colored ones. As we mentioned in the previous point, you will have to ensure that you do not spend too many hours in the sun or on hot surfaces. It will also be essential to protect the cat's ears with special sunscreen, since they can develop cancer.


Also, in summer is when cats are more sanitized through their saliva that stimulates the evaporation of body temperature. For this reason, when the summer season arrives, it will be necessary to brush our cat more often and avoid the accumulation of hairballs in the stomach.


Another fundamental aspect to take care of cats in summer will always be to provide fresh and clean water. It will be important to make sure that at all times you have water, because with the summer heat you will be more thirsty and it is easier for it to evaporate quickly.


When the cat is inside the house, we must pay attention to the air conditioning, to ensure that it is not too strong and can cause our pet some ailment as would be the case of pharyngitis, rhinitis or laryngitis.


In the same way, we will have to guarantee the safety of our cat at home during the summer by closing windows that can be dangerous . By keeping them open to refresh the house, we will be inviting the animal to explore and, at the same time, increase the risk of it falling. There are several considerations that you should take into account throughout the year so that your home is not dangerous to the cat, see our article How to protect my cat at home.


Protecting them from insects and parasites will be another of the fundamental care of cats in summer, since in this season they proliferate and are easier to affect our pet. It will be useful to use deworming products, check with your pet store or with the veterinarian.


In case you go on vacation, you can leave your cat at the home of friends or family or choose a cat nursery for your cat. Make sure you will be well looked after and cared for until you return.