How to care for my pregnant cat

Having a pet at home is a joy but if your cat is pregnant, knowing that soon they will have new kittens makes everything more exciting. And it is clear that during pregnancy our cat requires more attention and pampering because it is going through a delicate stage, so in .com we give you the keys so you know how to care for your pregnant cat and keep her happy and healthy.

Steps to follow:


The period of gestation in felines lasts about two months and it is very important to attend to their diet during these weeks because as the fetuses grow they will have less space in their digestive system so you should not give them too much food but rather divide them in several moments of the day


If you suspect that your cat is pregnant, the first thing you should do is take her to the veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and know what kind of vitamins you should give her so that the kittens grow healthy and strong.


Until the sixth week your cat can eat your usual ration once a day, after this time and until the seventh week it is good to divide the ration in two and from the seventh until delivery do it in three portions morning, afternoon and evening . In this way he will eat the same but little by little in order to feed himself properly


During pregnancy, it is convenient to change to a high quality feed so that the cat and the fetuses receive all the nutrients they need for their proper development. It will be a greater investment but with benefits for the animal


During pregnancy and preparing for delivery, the cat will need a more comfortable and private space, fresh and not too bright where also have food and water available. Adapt your bed and take it to a space in your home that meets these conditions or then enable a large box with blankets and all the comforts to sleep and light


Pregnancy does not mean that your cat is crippled, you should continue to play with her as you usually do, of course controlling not to make sudden movements that put the risk


If you notice that during the weeks of gestation your cat is strange, feels bad, has some unusual symptoms or her belly has stopped growing, take her as soon as possible to the veterinarian