How to cross a poodle

If you have a poodle and you feel that the time has come to cross your pet, be aware of the advice we are going to give you. First of all, you must face this decision with all the responsibility involved in crossing dogs. A poodle is a beautiful and intelligent breed, and if you want to perpetuate the genes of your canine companion, from .com we tell you how to cross a poodle successfully.

Steps to follow:


To be able to cross to your poodle the first thing is to have patience. You need to have enough time, money and resources to find another poodle to cross to yours. The task of breeding is very expensive, although your ultimate goal is to get the reproduction of your dog breed, until you can spend a lot of time. And you must bear in mind before doing so that there is a certain genetic predisposition to suffer ear infections, eye problems and heart problems. In addition, the females have very narrow hips and may require cesarean section and no natural birth.


If you are very clear that you want to cross your poodle, the first thing is to get the ideal partner for reproduction. Look for another poodle of similar characteristics (size, color, fur) that is in perfect health, and developed to be able to procreate. It is recommended that tests be done to verify that there is no genetic disorder, and look for a partner in a trusted place (specialized hatchery or individual person knowledgeable about the breed).


Before reaching the time of both dogs copulen, we must ensure that they are known, preferably that it is the male who goes to see the female to establish a first contact or more as long as there is enough time. That moment should not be traumatic for your pet, with a little patience you will find the ideal partner. Once found, we must take into account the reproductive cycle of poodle females. They are ready for breeding 10 days after finishing the heat. The females have two jealousies a year, and it is recommended not to do so during their first heat cycle. Once the moment of crossing them has arrived, you must watch both of them so that there is no risk behavior. For about 15 minutes, the male is holding on to the female and it is very important not to try to separate them because they could be harmed.


Once finished the moment of crossing of your Poodle, in the best of the cases, the female will have finished fecundated, but otherwise the process will have to be repeated another day. The female does not always get pregnant at the first time. And if everything went well, the gestation period will last about 9 weeks, in which it will bring 1 to 4 puppies to the world. In the following article you can see How to care for a pregnant bitch.