How to breed canaries

Humans are responsible for the destruction of wildlife environments, including many animals and birds that have entered the list of endangered species. One of the victims of these expansions are the beautiful Canaries.

Raising canaries is possible, but it is a very challenging and difficult task in itself. They can breed at one year of age. This bird can be used for reproduction for two to three years. Some of the Canaries are also known to breed all the time, twelve years. They live a useful life between six and twenty years.

It is very difficult to know the age of the birds once they are more than twelve months old, except for their appearance; In the breeding season, the lower part of the male's abdomen protrudes. If you want to know more about how to raise canaries, do not forget to read this article from.

Raising canaries

  • The male and female canaries are placed in the breeding cage during the breeding season, which usually begins in March. Soon the female begins to build a nest or house. During this time the male begins to woo the female.
  • In one day or rarely two days rest, the female lays four to five blue-green eggs. After 13 to 14 days of incubation, with the canary seated in the nest, little birds slowly hatch.
  • At this time, you have to provide food for your female birds, in addition to the normal seeds. You can mix your own nesting food with boiled eggs, mixing it with bread soaked in wheat and grated carrots. Nesting foods are also available in stores, which can also be mixed with the egg.
  • Boil the eggs from twelve to fourteen minutes to ensure that the diseases are not transmitted to the canaries. This mixture should be given in an amount that the birds eat in an hour. Prepare the egg mixture, every day.
  • In general, canaries are good parents and both take care of the chicks very well. They feed their chicks for approximately four weeks. At an age of around 21 days, the young canaries leave the nest and begin to move around in the cage.
  • It is recommended that, as soon as young Canaries mature, they should be separated from their parents.

Parenting advice

The breeding of canaries can be done for profit or simply enjoy new birds. If you want to raise your own canaries, there are some things you need to know. These are some tips on the breeding of canaries.

  • Diet : Provide a rich diet before letting them breed. This will help them get more energy for egg production and physical activity. You must feed your canaries with apples, vegetables and boiled eggs mixed with cookies.
  • Fights : The breeders usually have problems with fights between the Canaries. Sometimes, males can be aggressive with the female. Male abuse can even be deadly for female canaries. Make sure you keep an eye on the birds and if necessary separate them.
  • Nests : You will have to provide each pair of birds with their own nest. If possible, you should put two nests. The common material that must be used to make a nest includes, dryer lint, burlap, and shredded paper.
  • Eggs : Most females lay five small blue eggs. After a week you should check each of the signs of a developing embryo. Make sure you have clean hands before handling eggs. Some of the substances can penetrate the eggshell and harm the developing brood.

The above information will definitely help you get a closer view of how to breed canaries. However, the breeding of canaries is much more like an adventurer's task, but you can enjoy doing it.