How to cut a yorkshire hair

The yorkshire terriers or also known as yorkies are an adorable and petite breed of dogs. If you want to keep your little dog in perfect condition, you must take care of it with care and attention. One of the main cares is the periodic cutting of your hair so that it is healthy and without tangles. There are usually two types of cut, the full coat or the puppy type. In .com, we tell you how to cut a yorkshire hair .

Steps to follow:


To cut the hair of your yorkshire, it is best to start washing your coat . Use a very diluted mixture of shampoo with warm water, and go through the hair a couple of times very gently. If you have it frizzy, or something damaged, use a repairing shampoo. Then it is worth applying a little conditioner, let it act and clarify. The yorkies have a fur with a tendency to tangle and this will facilitate the hairstyle and cut.


After the bath, dry the moisture with a towel, and comb everything well so that there is no tangle that makes the cut difficult. Then, separate the fur from the back into two equal parts on each side. Now dry all the hair with a dryer and if you see it necessary, use a low temperature iron.


If you want your yorkie to have long hair, we are going to tell you how to do it since it is very simple. Place your dog on a comfortable and stable surface to cut the excess coat, which protrudes from the edge of the table and creates a uniform layer.

Now, with an electric razor, he cuts the hair of the ears very carefully and with scissors cuts the hair that protrudes from the edges. Then, if you want to make the typical bun, separate the hair you want to use, and give it a little volume, center the top and tie it with a gummie.


For the cut of yorkie type puppy, we will also start by a good bath, drying and combing. We will use a blade 40 to cut the hair of the legs, be especially careful in cutting the hair that is between the pads. Now change the blade of the razor to one of 8.5 and start cutting the hair from the base of the scalp with short movements by the neck and towards its tail.


You should cut the hair from the back, legs and stomach always do it in the direction of its growth . Carefully lift the tail and with the razor cut the hair of the area of ​​the anus. To cut the front hair, you must first lift the chin, and cut the hair of the neck and chest with short movements and do not approach your face.

Then trim the hair from your ears and edges, it should be flush with skin but be cautious. Now brush your eyebrows out so you see the hair left over and cut so they are the same. Do the same with the hairs around the mouth if you consider it necessary.