How to cut the hair of a schnauzer

Do you want to cut the hair of your hairy schnauzer? If something characterizes this beautiful German breed of dog, it is its beautiful and peculiar coat. They have a very special appearance and if you keep your beautiful hair clean, combed and in perfect order, you will have your schnauzer with an impeccable look. Do not think that it is an impossible task, with the appropriate guidelines you will be almost a professional hairdresser. From .com, we tell you how to cut the hair of a schnauzer.

Steps to follow:


To start cutting the hair of your schnauzer, if your dog's hair is clean, we recommend that you comb it well so as not to come across unwanted knots. Then take your head firmly so that it does not move in the least while you cut the hair from that area. The most advisable thing is that at this moment someone will help you and hold it well, while you cut your hair. Use a machine to trim your face (at least one blade of 10), start at the top of the skull and down to your nose, always following the direction of fur growth.


Then and continuing with the head, cut between his eyebrows, with that there is a separation between them and the hair is not entangled is enough. With a brush of fine bristles, comb the eyebrows so that they are down and with the scissors, cut at an angle. The eyebrows should be shorter on the outside and longer when approaching the nose.


He cuts his hair on his cheeks and to get it right, he grabs his ears by pulling back. The beard is usually left and the hair of the neck and chest is cut in the lower direction. To cut it well, hold your dog's chin up and you will cut it without problems. Place your fingers under your ears and cut over it, from above to the middle area. And then cut around with caution.


Now we are going to cut the hair down his back and for that, he takes the machine and starts at the top of the skull and down the length of his spine to his tail. Then you can cut the tail from the base to the tip. The sides of the dog must be worked at angles so that it does not look like a skirt, so it leaves more than one profile line.


Now it's time to lift your tail and cut the back horizontally from the legs until the separation of the two. Cut the inner side of the thighs and the navel to your liking so that there is a clean and neat line. When cutting the legs of your schnauzer, you should try to get a level tree shape, this is achieved with the razor cutting up to the elbow, combing and cutting with the scissors to the foot. And the backs should be cut to the hock and then with scissors until the end. And to finish off we finish with the feet, place each leg in your hand and cut around the nails.