How to build a saltwater aquarium

If you are a fan of exotic fish and aquariums you should build a saltwater aquarium . A saltwater aquarium is very spectacular because it allows you to have very beautiful and colorful fish in it. Keep in mind that the maintenance of the saltwater aquarium is constant and you should plan the care of your fish throughout the year.

You will need to:
  • Three Cubes
  • Hydrometer and test vessels
  • Water without chlorine
  • Thermometers
  • Plants
  • Fungicide or bleach
  • Heater
  • Distilled water
  • Decorations
  • tanks
Steps to follow:


Check that there are no leaks in the tank containing the aquarium .


Clean the tank with a solution of 1 teaspoon of chlorine per 2 liters of water. Rub the tank, plastic plants, ornaments and stones. Rinse thoroughly several times with clean water.


Install the filtration system. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully as the models vary in their installation.


Wash the substrate thoroughly before putting it in the tank. The tank contains 1 kilo of gravel per 2 liters.


Put the plants in the bottom anchored in the substrate.


Fill the tank with clean, chlorine-free water.


Using a hydrometer (a device used to read how much salt dissolves in water), add salt. Its objective is a specific weight between 1, 020 and 1, 023.


Once the water in the tank is salted, fill it to approximately one centimeter in the upper part. Start the filter system.


Add the heater and thermometer to the saltwater aquarium . Most of the marine fish the best between 18 and 23 degrees. Put everything into operation for at least 72 hours and set the correct temperature setting and water in motion.


Add the fish when the chemical levels are good and the tank temperature is within the suggested limits.


Buy a battery. In water aquariums, the movement of water is an absolute necessity. Be careful not to install one so large that it causes a swirling effect.


Get a protein skimmer, which is a must for marine tanks. This removes the organic waste from the water before it has time to convert the nitrates. Note that you will also need an external water pump and, possibly, an air pump for the skimmer.

  • Remember that the tank will have to be placed near an electrical outlet and away from direct sunlight or drafts
  • Never use soap or detergent to clean everything that will enter your tank.
  • Avoid the use of any metal equipment. Salt water will cause it to oxidize
  • Put a ΒΌ inch sheet of Styrofoam in the tank to help distribute the weight more evenly. If the tank is not level, stress will be placed on the seams and could cause an eventual leak.