How to learn different languages ​​quickly

Learning a new language is a great opportunity to explore new horizons, cultures and people. It gives you the small joy of being able to read classic books, written in their original language. Learning to master a new language takes time, but it can be done with dedication and perseverance. With current technology, there are a number of options available for a person looking to learn a new language.

Steps to follow:


Join a language club or a class . In this way, you receive classes from a trained instructor and you can also practice reading the language with your classmates.


Access online resources to learn languages, such as, or These resources are initially free, but require the payment of a fee in advanced courses. They also have a significant number of members, allowing them to practice speaking and writing to each other. If money is not a problem, buy language learning tools such as Rosetta Stone, Byki or Tellmemore.


Learn the 50-100 most common words used in the language . This helps expand your vocabulary, since you can not understand a sentence completely, you can understand the context.


Borrow a book in your library. Practice using these phases with your friends, even if they do not speak the language. This helps overcome shyness and improves fluency.


Immerse yourself in the culture of the language . Watch movies that are in that language and learn songs. Start by learning children's songs and progress from there.


Find a pen pal or online that speaks the same language. In this way, you can also improve your writing skills.