How to get my cat to lose weight

One of the great evils that cats have is the risk of getting fat, with the consequent health problems that entails. The fact that felines are much more active at night than in the day makes it difficult for us to help them move so that they can do activity, because when we are awake, they usually want to sleep and rest. Anyway, if we follow a series of tips we can get the pet to reduce the weight . In .com we answer the question of how to get my cat to lose weight.

Steps to follow:


A balanced diet is one of the pillars to make the cat lose weight . If we are used to giving leftovers to the cat, we must change the routine, no matter how much the cat protests, it will.

Dry feed that is sold in pet shops or supermarkets is enough to feed the pet correctly, without further additions. You can see here How to feed my cat.


In a complementary way for the feline to lose weight, it is appropriate that we prepare a stock, so that the cat has grass available that will satisfy his stomach if he is hungry and, on the other hand, it will also help him to purge the hairs that can swallow the Lick during your hygiene.

It is not necessary to have a farm to make a plant, it is enough with a rectangular planter to supply the pet.


The cat's water container should always be full. In this way, in addition to being properly hydrated, the animal can also cheat the stomach and calm hunger when the feed has been eaten.


The second key for the cat to lose weight is that it moves a lot. As we say, these animals usually move at night and spend much of the day dozing. However, they will not refuse to play with them even if this means cutting off their sleep.

With a simple ribbon or a small doll, we can entertain our pet and help it move and lose the fat that is left over. In this article, we explain how to play with the cat.


There are cats that are used to going out for a walk. If it is the case of our pet, we can take advantage of it and go out more times a day and in this way the feline will do more exercise and burn more fat . If the cat does not leave home and we want to change habits, here we explain how to walk my cat.

  • Even if your cat will protest when you cut your food, think you're doing it a big favor by helping him lose weight.