How to get your dog's attention

All dogs can learn to be more attentive. Shepherd dogs need little incentive, but most dogs deconcentrate very easily, so it is very important to know how to get your dog's attention . One way to keep them alert and attentive is to teach them the "look at me" order.

Steps to follow:


Hold a prize for the dog in your hand.


Have your dog sit in front of you and let him sniff the prize.


Then say "look at me!" and raise the prize from your dog's snout to his cheek.


Look him in the eyes while he watches the prize.


When I look him in the face, say "good boy!" and give him the prize.


Practice this exercise two or three times and pause. Then repeat the exercise several more times.


You will see how little by little your dog pays attention with just a shout or a glance.

  • As you progress, increase the degree of difficulty. Obligate her to look at him for a longer time or move while she looks at him. In the future, when you want to teach something new, use the command "look at me" to get your dog to pay attention.