How to communicate with my deaf dog

The communication with our dog is something important to establish a good link. But what happens if your dog is deaf? Can you communicate with him? Is it possible? With patience and dedication, yes that is possible. In we give you some tips to help you and guide you in how to communicate with your deaf dog.

Steps to follow:


First you must have patience and give your deaf dog all the affection of the world. The love will be your best tool to establish a good relationship with your dog.


A deaf dog can not learn to obey or understand you through words. But you can do it through signs and gestures . Your dog will watch you closely and understand your gestures even without you noticing.


To create a unique language and strengthen your bond, reinforce positive behaviors with prizes, caresses and games.


Communication with your deaf dog should be based above all on touch and sight . The caresses, the signs and the indications through the hands will serve your dog to be able to establish a good communication with you.


The rides must always be on a leash. Having your dog sit close to you is very important to make you feel safe. If you want to release it, do it in enclosed spaces where there are no flight hazards.


There are those who choose to use light to capture the attention of a deaf dog, for example to indicate that it is time to return home. It is a strategy that you can use in a timely manner and always accompanied by caresses and affection.