Why my cat bites his tail

Surely you've ever seen your cat bite its tail, right? It is a custom that felines have and that, if they are exceeded, they can provoke wounds that can become infected and, therefore, affect the health of the animal. It is important that you detect when your cat starts to chase and bite its tail to understand what message it wants to send you, if it is for a specific reason. In this article we are going to find out why a cat bites its tail so you understand all the causes that can cause this situation.

It bites its tail because it has fleas or other conditions

One of the most frequent reasons that can cause your cat to bite its tail is that it simply has fleas and the itch that these animals produce causes the cat to be chasing and biting its tail to relieve discomfort. But not only by fleas can this situation occur but, also, it can suffer itching due to other causes such as:

  • Problems in the anus
  • Food allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Etc

In any case, it is important that you go to the veterinarian to examine him and determine if the reason for his behavior is due to an external agent that can cause these itching. In this other article we give you some home remedies to eliminate fleas from your cat so you can take care of it as it deserves; we also help you to know if your cat has fleas indicating the most common symptoms of this condition.

Boredom or stress can also be a cause

But not only for health reasons is because your cat bites its tail but also psychological factors can intervene to make the animal end up doing this behavior. In general, a cat may end up biting his tail because he is bored or so if you detect that at certain times of the day he begins to chase her, it is best to start playing with him to avoid injury or injury. You can play with him buying a special toy for these animals or, also, creating them yourself with materials that you sure have at home. In we tell you how to make homemade toys for cats.

Another reason is that the animal is stressed and, therefore, end up biting its tail as a compulsive act, It is important that you stop and relax it so that, thus, you can live quietly and without anxiety. The reason for the stress of a feline can be due to multiple factors: change of home, introduction of a new member in the family (either animal or a new person), noise, etcetera. The best thing is that you adapt a place in your house so that the animal can be relaxed and calm and you will see how, little by little, it stops biting its tail. In this other article we give you some tips so you can relax a cat.

Cats play to chase each other's tail

Another cause of the animal having the habit of chasing and biting its tail is that it is simply playing . Think that, generally, they are calm and they usually sleep many hours a day so, from time to time, at the moment in which they want to activate, they can begin to play with anything: a fluff, a paper and even their own tail.

In this case you do not have to deprive him because he only wants to play, although yes, if you can pay more attention and play with him to avoid hurting himself.

For call the atention

It is also possible that the animal has this behavior because it is jealous of the arrival of a new person in the home. Cats are very territorial and do not assimilate changes too well, so if a baby arrives or introduces a new animal in your home it is best to spend some time to present them and your cat is getting used to this new presence.

In this sense, the animal will only be biting its tail to attract attention and, thus, make the case that you now lend to the other member of the family. Although they are very independent, the truth is that they attach great importance to love and love being loved, so if they feel that you give attention to other members, they can act in this peculiar way.

In this article we tell you how to have a dog and a cat in the same house.