How to feed a puppy dog

A puppy is always a joy in the home, but if this newcomer pet does not come with an included mother, the owners immediately begin to worry about how to feed it and what are the best alternatives to keep it healthy day after day.

If a new member of the family has arrived at your house, but you have no idea how to properly nourish it, in this .com article we explain how to feed a puppy dog so that it is strong and healthy.

Steps to follow:


To clarify the question of how to feed a puppy dog, it is important to first know at what stage the animal is and if it still needs to consume breast milk. A dog should be breastfed until approximately 8 weeks, so it is not recommended to separate the animal from its mother before 2 months, however if your mother does not adequately comply with the process of feeding the puppies or if the animal is left orphan, it is important to feed him with milk until he reaches 8 weeks .

To do this you should not resort to the milk that we consume, it usually produces diarrhea in the animal in addition to not offering the nutritional contribution you need. It is best to opt for infant formula powders for sale in pet stores, which must be supplied in a bottle with a small bottle so that the dog can hold on well. The milk should always be at 37 ° C, and we should administer the bottle as if it were the mother's breast, placing it upside down and slightly above the head of the puppy.

A dog that needs to breastfeed should eat approximately every 3 hours. When the dog has approximately 4 weeks, he will be able to renounce the intake given at dawn and consume milk more spaced, for example every 4 hours.


After 6 weeks the dog is already able to eat solid food, but in a special way.

Although the dog is curious about the croquettes his body is not quite ready to consume them because the tusks are not strong enough to allow him to eat his dry croquettes, so we must mix the feed with water to soften the croquettes. It is recommended to continue this process more or less until 3 months, as the weeks pass the amount of water should be lowered until the dog consumes only dry feed.


But how many times do you feed the puppy? Everything will depend on the age of the dog:

  • Between 2 and 3 months: 4 meals a day.
  • between 4 and 6 months: 3 meals a day.
  • After 6 months: 2 meals a day.

It is important that your dog eat several times a day because it is in a crucial phase of growth and development, however it is not recommended to administer too much food to the dog or we could lead to a possible problem of obesity in the future. In our article how much my dog ​​should eat we explain, according to the size of the animal, the amount in grams that should be administered to the pet at each meal.


Another point to keep in mind is the choice of a quality feed that provides the nutrients and vitamins you need, a basic aspect to help you maintain your health. In our article how to choose the food of my dog ​​we give you important information so that you choose the most suitable and healthy product for your pet.

Follow these recommendations and keep your pet healthy and happy day after day.

  • In general, feeding a puppy dog ​​is quite simple, but if you notice that your dog does not want to eat, or if there is any reaction to the food you are giving, go to a veterinarian