How to feed a German shepherd puppy

The feeding is one of the factors that determine to a large extent the health of your pet. If it is an animal is its first years of life, this statement is even more important. Not all puppies dogs should have the same type of food and, even if they are small they all have a small size, what they eat should be in line with their breed. To help you take care of your puppy in .com we explain how to feed a puppy German shepherd.

Steps to follow:


The best way for your German shepherd puppy to have a balanced diet is that you feed it for puppies . However, you should find a feed for German shepherd puppies and not for another type of dog breed. This is so because each breed of dog is more prone to suffer certain types of diseases. By giving it a specific feed, you will ensure that you provide the right nutrients to avoid them.


Another important aspect about feeding a German shepherd puppy is the frequency of feedings. Well, until six months of life you should give him food three or four times a day. Place your feeder is a quiet place and next to a bowl with water that should always be full and with clean water. The food should be removed about ten minutes after having been placed to prevent the puppy from eating continuously and at risk of overweight.


From half a year of life, you should feed the German shepherd puppy less often. Simply put your food twice a day, first thing and before going to sleep. You must maintain this feeding frequency until the German Shepherd puppy is one year old.


From then on, a medium or small German shepherd will only have to give him food once a day . If the dog is very large, you should keep the two daily doses since you will need to distribute the energy intake between these two daily meals. In this article we tell you how is a German shepherd so that you know a little better the characteristics of this breed of dog.


The other factor that you should value when feeding a German shepherd puppy is the amount you contribute in each shot. It will be very easy to determine since the food manufacturers indicate it in the bags and some even include a meter inside them, which is very helpful.


In any case, it is not recommended that you give your German shepherd puppy leftovers of your food or treats as part of their diet. You only have to use the latter as a reward in the educational process of your dog. If you notice that your puppy catches a lot of fat or, on the contrary, loses weight, consult your veterinarian to correct the feeding guidelines.