What are the types of deafness in dogs

When our dog suffers from deafness it is important to know how we can communicate with him to generate a good bond between them and thus ensure a good relationship and a close relationship. You may be deaf due to congenital defects or maybe an infection or injury to the ear. Although deafness in some cases also appears due to age as it is an old dog. From .com we want to explain what are the types of deafness in dogs .

If your dog is deaf

If your dog is deaf, it will simply require an education and special attention, but in no case is it an obstacle that can not be overcome. With good teaching, your dog can lead a full life and be an excellent companion.

Types of deafness

There are different types of deafness :

  • Bilateral deafness It occurs when deafness occurs in both ears.
  • Unilateral deafness. This type of deafness occurs only in one ear.
  • Partial deafness It is when the dog hears only a little.
  • Total deafness. It is about total deafness when the dog does not hear anything at all.
  • Hereditary deafness. It is produced through the genes of the parents.
  • Deafness acquired. It is not from birth, it occurs due to different causes such as beatings, loud noises or illnesses.

Why is it produced?

The deafness of a dog can occur for different reasons:

  • Behavioral This deafness is caused by a blockage in the ears due to otitis or a lot of serumen, for example.
  • Sensory Because of some injury in the internal auditory organs.
  • Central. This would be because of alterations in the brain.

Are there races that are more predisposed to suffer from deafness?

Yes, there are. Dalmatian is the dog breed that is most affected by deafness worldwide. There are 8% of the individuals that suffer from deafness, whether bilateral or unilateral.

There are also other races with high incidence such as: the Bull Terrier, the English Setter, the English Cocker Spaniel, the Argentine Dogo, the Australian Mountain Dog and the Jack Russell.