What is the fastest animal in the world

We love knowing all about the animal world and that when it comes to nature our curiosity has no end. The world around us is very interesting, so we are dedicated to researching which is the largest animal in the world, or which specimens are the most jumping, not to mention the behavior of our favorite pets and the best tools to understand them. When it comes to nature, all the information we can store is part of the knowledge, so if you're wondering which is the fastest animal in the world attentive, because in this article from .com we will answer it, and we assure you what you will be surprised!

The fastest animal in the world is ... A mite!

As you read, although it may be really amazing the fastest animal in the world is not even at first glance. Mites are a subclass of arachnids that usually inhabit the dust, in our environment or in the textiles of homes, usually going unnoticed.

And although it may leave us with our mouths open, recent research has shown that the mite Paratarsotomus macropalpis is the fastest animal in the world. This tiny insect, which does not exceed the size of a sesame seed, can move at a surprising speed with respect to its size, reaching 322 body lengths per second, a measure that in a human being would be equivalent to a distance of 2092 kilometers per hour awesome!

Although very small, this mite is tremendously fast for its size and size, surprising everyone with its agility. Before researchers at the University of California made this discovery, the record bore another insect: the Australian tiger beetle, which moves at 171 body lengths per second.

The fastest bird in the world

Of course, the mite Paratarsotomus macropalpis or the Australian tiger beetle are not the only specimens that reach impressive speeds, and among the fastest animals in the world we can not leave the peregrine falcon aside.

It is a species that is currently endangered, but that has the ability to fly at 100 kilometers per hour while walking through the skies trying to find a prey. This may not be so surprising, but when the peregrine falcon detects food it can dive in and reach up to 321 km / h. Simply amazing!

The fastest feline in the world

If there is an animal that you will never want to face, this is the cheetah, the fastest feline in the world. In just 4 seconds this animal can go from 0 to 103 kilometers per hour, reaching a speed of up to 115 km / h in short trips of up to 500 meters. Although it certainly can not stand at this speed great distances, the reality is that the cheetah uses all that power to catch its prey in a matter of seconds, making all that energy consumption really worthwhile.

And the fastest fish?

In the marine world they are not left behind, and here is also a few very fast runners, but undoubtedly the fastest of all is the mako shark . This animal can reach up to 124 km / h which makes it a threat when a potential prey crosses its path.

Before discovering the agility of the mako shark, the position of the fastest fish in the world was held by the sailfish, which can reach up to 110 km / h, an equally impressive record.