How to know if my hamster is pregnant

A hamster is an ideal pet for a small house as they are easy to care for, they are small and with the right attention they can live up to 5 years. What must be clear is that they are animals that reproduce very easily, so if you think that your hamster is pregnant and you do not know how to recognize it, we will explain how to clarify the suspicions.

You will need to:
  • Water
  • Food for a hamster
Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do is to see if the belly of the female is larger. Although at first it is not noticeable, you can check the belly once a week to see if there is any change. If the nipples look out, you can be sure that they bring babies.


Weight gain is reason to suspect your hamster's pregnancy. If the animal is drinking a lot of water and eating more than normal it can be an important symptom.


The female will begin to make a nest in the cage. To do this, he will take everything he has inside such as the branches, the cottons, the little plant, and he will arrange it in his own way, not as you ordered it.


When your hamster has the nest ready, you will see that there it stores its food, where it will store it for the moment of the childbirth.


If the female is with more hamsters inside the cage and starts fighting for no reason, this is a pregnancy symptom also very clear.


At the end of the pregnancy, the female will be quiet in the cage, since she will not move as much.


The gestation period of a hamster takes only two weeks, so it is very possible that your pregnancy goes unnoticed due to its speed.


When the young are born, do not touch them or approach the cage, the female needs time to adapt.


When you realize that a hamster will have offspring, you must separate the males from the cage until the babies grow up, this is fundamental for the welfare of the small ones.

  • After delivery, you should wait at least two weeks to clean the cage.
  • Remember not to go near the cage if it is not necessary.