How to feed a sparrow

If the circumstance occurs that we have picked up a sparrow that was lost, something that happens especially after strong storms that make the bird disorient, we will find the problem of how to feed it .

Although the sparrow is not a properly domestic animal, it is very sociable and, if we manage to get it ahead, it will maintain a good relationship with the whole family. In .com we explain how to feed a sparrow .

Steps to follow:


Sparrows drink a lot of water, so the first thing we will do is make available a container that can be supplied. Yes, and this is the norm for all food, we should never force it by opening its beak, he will take what he needs.


We must avoid providing the milk sparrow, as it is often a source of intestinal problems for the bird.


To feed our newcomer, we can prepare cooked white rice, without any seasoning. We will check that the bird, if it is in good health, will take it with pleasure.


In order to provide the sparrow with protein, we can use dry cat food, as it is a light preparation that will be good for the bird. We will get this food in any supermarket.


As for a specific preparation for birds, it is recommended to avoid the food of parakeets, since sparrows have been reported to have died. To be sure, it is better that we opt for the food for canaries that we will find in any pet store.


In the event that we follow all these steps and the sparrow does not want to feed, it is probably missing its own and it will be very difficult for it to survive in captivity.