How to know if my dog's teeth hurt

We all know that among the most important daily cleaning tasks is brushing teeth correctly every time we eat. Keep our teeth clean is essential to prevent bacteria from accumulating, tartar is created and, finally, the teeth are affected. Although we give importance to our own teeth very few dog owners think about the health and condition of their dog's teeth, a condition that can cause serious and dangerous health problems.

The fact of not cleaning the dog teeth can cause them to weaken and cause pain. Also, if nothing is done to prevent it, infections can appear that endanger the animal's health. In the following article we will explain how to know if my dog's teeth hurt, in addition, we will give you information about how to prevent this from happening.

Toothache in adult dogs

If the owner of the dog does not bother to assiduously clean the teeth of the dog, the accumulation of tartar can inflame his gums and end with the loss of some piece. When and how the remains are not cleaned, food can be trapped between the teeth, causing bacteria to be generated which, if you reach the blood supply, can cause heart disease, nervous system and even cause the death of the animal. That is why it is so important to know how to recognize the symptoms of tooth pain in dogs in order to start a quick treatment and avoid any consequences for the pet. Here we explain what are the signs that indicate that the dog is suffering from dental pain:

  • When the dog chews only on one side.
  • If the dog produces too much saliva.
  • The dog has halitosis or bad breath.
  • When the dog is eating the food is dropped from its mouth.
  • Eat less than what is usual in it.
  • He is very thin or has lost kilos in a short time.
  • His fur looks opaque.

How to avoid tooth pain in dogs

But before reaching this point there are a series of measures that you can take to avoid that your dog's teeth hurt, keeping your teeth healthy and taken care of. The main thing is to clean the teeth of the dog with some assiduity . It is not necessary to do it after every meal, because it would take you a long time and it is almost impossible, but you can do it every two days or a couple of times a week. To do this, you can use toothbrushes created specifically for dogs - which are softer than humans - making circular movements with which you clean the surface of each piece. This not only brings physical benefits to your pet, many ethologists and veterinarians agree that cleaning your dog's teeth strengthens the relationship between the dog and its owner, tightening the bonds of affection.

Obviously, it is much easier to do it if the dog has become used to it since he is a puppy, however, it is also possible to do it with an adult dog. Surely you will need some more training and patience, but in the end the dog will understand that it is something for their good. Something that is important is not to use toothpaste for humans, but certain specific products for dogs that you can find in any specialized store.

In addition, other aspects to take into account for the care of the teeth of your pet is the food that you offer. It is advisable to offer a balanced diet, so that less plate is formed. Beyond that, giving him bones to chew on will also help keep food from building up between his teeth.

Change of teeth of the puppy

Like the vast majority of mammals, when they are born, dogs do without teeth. It is from about 4 weeks, when they begin to appear their first milk teeth. This will not be his definitive denture, but it is of great importance for his physical and social development. It is at 2 months when they have completely formed their milk teeth and, about 4 when it is replaced by the definitive denture.

It is very common that both the appearance of milk teeth and the subsequent change to your final teeth, cause pain and discomfort in the gums and mouth of your pet. In this period it is also normal that he is constantly biting everything that is close to him. You should not be surprised if he bites shoes, furniture or anything that he takes, not that he's very naughty, it's just his way of relieving the pain he feels. However, this does not mean that you have a free bar to destroy everything you want. In these moments you should mark the rules that will govern your adult life: you can not bite people, or clothes, or objects or furniture, you can only do it with toys specifically intended for it. There are many canine toys created to withstand the bites and teeth of the puppy and adult dog, as well as mechanisms to relieve their pain.

Remedies for tooth pain in dogs

In the case of puppies whose teeth are coming out you should get used to being bitten by everything. It's something instinctive against what you can not fight, so if you do not want to be bitten by furniture, do not let it go to those areas. In addition, you must offer interesting and fun alternatives to nibble . Today there are many products on the market special for dogs whose teeth are coming out. Toys with surfaces that offer gingival relief and promote the proper and healthy growth of your teeth.

In adult dogs with tooth pain, as well as in puppies, there is an excellent home remedy to relieve pain that anyone can do at home. As you know, cold and ice are a great desinflammatory that also clears the pain. It is as easy as freezing your toys, freezing your food or giving ice cubes so that, while having fun biting, you will notice relief from the symptoms of your teeth.