How to remove knots from my dog's hair - the best tips

If your dog has long hair you will need a lot of care so that it looks healthy and does not form knots, so it is recommended to brush it daily. If we have become clueless or have left it in the care of another person who has not been able to do it correctly, we have a problem, since the knots in the hair of the dogs can be difficult to undo, being able to cause pain to our pet if they become entangled or entangled, and sometimes leading to a more extreme haircut than would have been necessary if this entanglement had been avoided in the fur. To help you with the task, we explain how to remove knots from my dog's hair .

Why my dog ​​gets knots in his hair

If you ask yourself this question, you just have to think that the dogs are like us. They need their hair to take good care of itself, something that is achieved through nutrition and the basic care of their coat, such as periodic washing, brushing to eliminate dead hair and undo small knots, and so on.

However, there are more prone to suffer tangles, such as long and semi-long hairs and, above all, those that also have several layers of fur. Apart from having more tendency or less to the appearance of entanglements, the main causes by which knots are made in the hair of the dogs are the following:

  • A poor hair, normally, for lack of some nutrient, like fatty acids and some vitamins.
  • Hair weakened by diseases or certain treatments that may have this effect on the coat, such as chemotherapy.
  • Genetics, because for example long and thin coats tend to get easily entangled.
  • Lack of brushing daily or every few days.
  • Lack of washing.

So, to avoid knots in the hairs of dogs, you have to make sure that you nourish them properly, you can even give them vitamin supplements and cod liver oil capsules if the veterinarian recommends it in the case of your furry, as well how to provide proper hygiene and brushing.

If you do not know how to undo a knot in a dog's hair, then keep reading the following lines where we tell you.

How to untangle a dog's hair knots

Although some of the long-haired breeds are from the breeds that release less hair, these tend to have many problems with the coat if it is not given usual care, such as brushing, washing, conditioning, trimming, etc., and you have to learn to Eliminate small entanglements before large knots are made.

How to remove the hair knots of the water dog, of the yorkshire, of the maltese bigeon, or of any other race of long or semi-long hair, is something that can seem complicated if we think about the quantity and length of the coat of these breeds, but not it is. If you ask yourself "How do I untangle my dog's hair ?", Simply follow these tips and, if you see that the knots get worse or appear very often, go directly to a dog grooming salon.

  • Use your fingers to unravel: if the knots are very fine and are rather small entanglements, it is best to undo them with your own hands, with patience and care.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles: these brushes will help you to untangle the hair little by little, in a smooth way, because if it is done with harder bristles or with strong pulls, apart from hurting the dog, denser knots will be made in the ends of the fur or it will break this. It is better not to brush your dog dry, but moisten the coat before starting to brush, use a detangling spray or if you do not have a little water.
  • Brush the hair in sections: take small tufts of fur and brush little by little. Unknot one knot at a time and start with the one closest to the ends. When you undo it, it passes to the next, closer and closer to the skin, until it ends with the lock and passes to the next one.
  • Brush 10 times each knot: although we have said the above, if a knot resists a lot it is not advisable to insist too much, since we will only damage the hair and the skin, causing irritation and even pain to the dog. One of the tricks of professionals to remove the knots to the yorkshires, Maltese bugs and other breeds of long hair, is to brush each knot up to 10 times and, if it has not been undone, leave it so that the skin and coat rest, while he brushes another lock.
  • Use a metal tooth comb: if you find medium knots in the hair of your faithful friend this is the best type of comb. Do not pull hair directly, it is better to hold it close to the skin with your fingers and pass the comb only through the knot.
  • Use detangling for dogs: you can use a detangling spray for dogs. Also, if your hairy person usually has knots, think about using homemade or purchased dog conditioner after using the shampoo in the bathroom.
  • Cut the knot: with a pair of scissors or a shaver cut the knot in case it is too big or is so tangled that it is impossible to undo without breaking the fur. In case you have this problem in several areas, then it is best to take it to a canine hairdresser.
  • Short and quiet session: it is very important that for your hairy to be comfortable and not have a bad time you are as calm as possible, have a lot of patience because undoing knots can take time and procures not lengthen it more than necessary. Give him a prize when you finish to generate positive reinforcement. All this will make you not afraid of these sessions.

How to cut the hair of a dog full of knots

When a dog has many knots, it may become impossible to untangle without breaking the hair or even without doing enough damage. Then, shaving can be the best option.

However, before deciding to shave the hair of a dog, it is really important to make sure that there are no more viable options, since the fur is necessary for them. First, try to undo the knots as we have discussed before. If it really is not possible, try a blown or cut dog comb . If in this way you can not or there are a lot of entanglements, then you will need material such as scissors and machines or shavers for dog hair, since it is very important not to use those of people.

To cut the hair full of knots of a dog with a machine you will have to get the fur tangled at one end and bring the shaver as close as possible to the skin, always leaving a minimum margin for a short coat after shaving, not the bare skin. If you use scissors then you will have to cut under the knot, but as far as possible from the skin of the can.

It can really be a very heavy job, so we recommend that in case your dog is full of knots you take it to a dog grooming shop . There, professional people will ensure that your dog suffers the least possible stress during the session, trying to make it as short as possible and with very good results so that his coat and the animal itself recover as soon as possible.

Of course, it is necessary to bathe the dog when it is full of knots, since there is usually enough dirt accumulated even on the skin, but depending on the case it will be more convenient to do it sooner or later. After shaving your hairy, you will have to protect it from the cold if necessary with a sweater or coat, as well as treat your skin and hair if you have any injury or condition, according to the advice of your veterinarian.