How to train a yorkshire

Are you lucky to share your life with a hairy yorkshire ? This breed of dog is very vivacious, cheerful, affectionate and knows how to get what he wants with his sweet and charming character. That is why it is very important that you dedicate time to your education from the beginning, since you are a puppy and that you are firm with the training so that it does not become a small uncontrollable one. From .com we tell you how to train a yorkshire.

Steps to follow:


The Yorkshire is a very energetic dog, individualistic and of strong character. It is characterized by being also very territorial and possessive, which makes it the perfect guardian to let you know if something is wrong. He is a very clever dog and learns very easily both good and bad, something that can sometimes hinder his education, so it is important to persevere with the training and not give up.


As we have said training your yorkshire requires constancy and firmness. And it is that this breed of dog is very awake and it is very simple that they manipulate you with their way of behaving. When they are puppies they are usually very funny and funny so if certain behaviors are allowed they can be a future inconvenience.


The best way to educate a yorkshire is with a positive training, with the help of prizes in the form of food and emotional rewards. To educate this breed you have to be delicate, if you try to teach him abruptly the most normal reaction will be fear. And in that way you will not get your dog to learn anything. You must speak to him gently but firmly.


The fact that you should be careful when you teach him does not mean that you are not disciplined with him. You have to be firm with the whole training process, and not give in to your whims, because otherwise your Yorkshire will become a little dictator and your company will be very difficult. If you dedicate time and do not consent you will have a polite and very affectionate dog.


To start with the education of your yorkshire you must wait at least three months, once the puppy has already been weaned, it is the ideal time to start training. You must be very patient, because although it is very intelligent to do your needs in a specific place is a habit that costs him to learn. On this particular topic, the yorkshire needs more time than normal.


To get your yorkshire control your sphincters you have to choose a specific place so that whenever you feel like it you can do it at that point. You must teach him to do it in certain circumstances such as before and after eating, before and after playing, when waking up, and when going to bed. If the child associates that need with a specific location, he will end up learning it, and every time he does so, you can give him a good reward and, of course, a hug.


When your little one is already three months old, you can go out for a walk, and that's when you have to establish certain routines. You should take short walks about three times a day so that you learn to do your needs on the street. Sometimes at first they do not do it, but you have to be constant and insist, in fact, how many more times you go out on the street, the more likely you are to do it outside the home. It is also advisable to teach you at home to do your needs in a space enabled for it, so if you feel like it, you will not have to wait to go out with you.