How to face my first day of class

How difficult it is to return to the routine! But we must assume it, the summer is over and the new season begins with surprises, challenges and adventures. So put aside the laziness and take our advice to survive the first days in the classroom, which by the way are usually the hardest. In we help you to return to normal, with some tricks on how to face my first day of class.

Steps to follow:


If it's any consolation, you're not the only person in the world who feels homesick. In fact, experts have a name for what you feel: it is the post-holiday syndrome. Sadness, apathy and irritability are often frequent emotions when facing the dreaded first day of class . Need help? Well, take note of our advice on how to overcome post-holiday depression.


Mentalizing is very important to overcome all our feelings before returning to class, whether in school, high school or the first days at the university. How? The experts recommend us to return from vacation at least a week before starting the classes, to adapt a little each day to the usual routine. Take advantage of those previous days to organize your agenda, buy school supplies, meet again with old classmates ...


The first days of class will be the most difficult, since our mind is still thinking about holidays. Therefore, we must consider some stimuli or prizes that help us to face the routine with a positive attitude and with more hope than ever. Take the opportunity to do new and stimulating things, discover other hobbies, meet your best friends, join classes in dance, painting, guitar ... What would you like to do? It is a way to start the new academic year with good humor.


Although our preferred advice to deal with the first day of class is sport. Physical activity stimulates a gland in the brain that releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters related to pleasure and happiness. A scientific explanation to eliminate the stress and anxiety of your life with the help of sports.


Of course, avoid negative thoughts by having to return to the routine. Think you have another opportunity to do things well, much better than the previous year. And you, what do you recommend to us to face the first day of class ?