How to stop the ears of a Doberman

The Dobermans are one of the most emblematic dog breeds for their role as guardians and pets of the home. One of the most remarkable characteristics of these dogs is their alert posture, always with their ears stopped, heritage of their history as hunting dogs and guardians.

At present the feature of the ears stopped in the Doberman is very coveted, but as in the other breeds of dogs, their ears do not stay stopped naturally, if you want to learn how to stop the ears of a Doberman, then continue Reading the following article from .com to find out what is the procedure you must perform.

You will need to:
  • 4 gauze pads
  • 2 sorbets (between 10 to 15 centimeters)
  • Medical adhesive tape
Steps to follow:


Before, the Doberman's ears were stopped in order to favor their alertness to strange sounds. Currently, and as we have said before, is done to maintain this distinctive mark of the breed which requires to place a support on the ears of the doberman puppies, training in this way the cartilages, thus achieving that these stay in shape vertical, or on the other hand, you can also subject the dog to surgery to get the same result.

We will focus on the non-surgical procedure to stop the ears of a Doberman .


This procedure is important to do when our doberman is still a puppy, since the cartilages of his ears will still be in development and these can be adapted to the way we want. To begin, proceed to remove two sorbets from their wrapper and also 2 gauze pads.

Place one pad on top of the other, then place a straw in the center of them, making sure that the tip of the sorbet protrudes from the end of the gauze by about 2 cm. Then tape the sorbet in its position.

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Roll the gauze around the sorbet, wrap it with tape without cutting the latter. Continue rotating the tape, making sure to wrap the gauze with the sticky side facing out. When you have finished wrapping the post (the sorbet with the gauze), cut the ribbon and set it aside, proceeding to repeat the procedure with the other sorbet and the other gauze.


Now we will proceed to find the ears of our doberman puppy. Start by cutting four pieces of tape about 10 cm long. Get someone to help you hold the puppy by making sure you keep it tight between your legs.

Place the pole in the ear of the doberman, making sure that the post functions as a support for the puppy's ear to stay in the position you want, the part of the straw protruding from the gauze should be pointing up. Then proceed to tape firmly using two pieces of tape. Repeat the same procedure on the other ear.

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With both ears already in position, proceed to wrap the ribbon around both ears, (drawing the shape of an eight between them) and again, making sure that the curb remains firm. This curb should be crossed over the top of the Doberman's head.

You can provide more firmness to the cross ribbon on the head of the puppy, using even more tape on this support. Then trim the excess sorbet that sticks out above the already taped gauze, making sure that it is aligned with the tip of the dog's ears.

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Let this support take effect for at least 8 days, removing them a few hours per day and trying to keep them overnight. After the first 8 days are completed, replace the posts with new ones, repeating this procedure until the ears of the doberman stand on their own. Ready! You already know how to stop a Doberman's ears !

  • Remember that this is just an aesthetic procedure that does not cause damage to your pet, but it is not necessary to perform so that it has a full life.