9 habits to be smarter

There is no doubt that intelligence is a value highly valued in our society, that is why many of us pursue the habit of increasing and improving not only our knowledge or culture, but also our ability to respond intellectually and emotionally to all the challenges we face. they are presented to us day by day. Intelligence is defined as the ability of our mind to learn and understand knowledge, to reason and make decisions correctly, that is why everything we do in our day to day account and in what way! Do you want to stand out a little more for your intelligence? Keep reading because in this article we give you 9 habits to be smarter that will help you to make yourself noticed.

Cultivate the habit of reading

Surely it is not the first time you hear that to be smarter to read, and much, is fundamental. But why is this habit so important? To begin reading helps us to have an impeccable spelling, something basic to communicate impeccably at written level with our environment, but it is also the best way to learn new words and concepts, to expand our vocabulary and acquire new knowledge in a simple way .

It does not matter if you opt for literature, scientific books, general interest or short stories, the important thing is that you read every day and often .

Surround yourself with people who help you learn

It may not sound too beautiful, but the reality is that having smart friends is very important to improve your own intelligence. Surrounding ourselves with people who can teach us something through their own experiences, with daily conversations or through what they themselves learn, will help us to learn as well, to open our minds to new ways of seeing the world and understand how other people resolve your own conflicts.

Whenever you can, talk to someone who is smarter than you and stay tuned to learn all you can from these conversations.

Explain to another what you have learned

If you have the ability to explain it in a simple way, it is because you have understood it correctly . That is why explaining those things that we learn on a daily basis, the knowledge that interests us the most or exposing the way in which, hypothetically, we would act to resolve a conflict, also helps us to work on other basic aspects of intelligence: memory and reasoning .

This is one of the habits to be smarter easier to put into practice in everyday life, and you can always do with your environment.

Use the Internet to cultivate your intelligence

The Internet is a powerful weapon for knowledge and not just an alternative to navigate social networks. That's why when you use it, try to cultivate your own intelligence: visit interesting or stimulating websites for yourself, read content in other languages ​​you know, use some of the free online courses to learn a new language, research about those topics or authors that you they interest and cultivate more knowledge thanks to this powerful tool with which there are no limits.

Challenge your abilities with a list of things done

We usually make lists with our earrings, but have you ever considered making a list of things you have already done? Some specialists indicate that this habit is very beneficial to show us how capable we are, to increase our confidence, stimulate us to achieve everything we can achieve and promote our productivity.

If with this habit you realize that every day you are able to successfully accomplish a large number of tasks, then you will discover that with determination you will have no limits.

Keep your mind stimulated

Among the habits to be smarter you can never leave creativity aside, a very important factor when obtaining and enhancing our knowledge. And to achieve it, it is very important to keep our minds always stimulated and ready to learn new things.

You can achieve it with daily activities such as:

  • Exercise frequently.
  • Practice a hobby that you like and that makes you feel good.
  • Play a game that stimulates you.
  • Take a good walk every day to relax, clear your mind and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Watch a good comedy show, watch a series you like or read a book that you're passionate about.

Do the most complex activities with music

Music is a great ally to promote our concentration and when we are concentrated we learn more . So when you play a task that seems complex, choose the music that you like and disconnect from your environment to devote full attention to that task.

You will see how you get better results.

Stay willing to listen

The 7 previous tips to increase your intelligence will be of little use if you are not willing to listen to others . A fundamental part of learning, of reasoning and also of improving our emotional intelligence resides, precisely, in knowing how to listen to what others have to tell you, since we can learn a lot from there.

Give time to rest

It is not just about learning, reading or always being attentive to new knowledge. If you want to boost your intelligence it is very important that you learn to rest properly, to sleep the hours your body needs and that your mind requires to assimilate the new knowledge and provide you with energy the next day, to put aside the stress and enjoy the time in solitude, with family or friends.

Finding the balance between time to disconnect and time to learn is basic to our intellectual and personal growth.