How to train a golden retriever

The golden retriever is an extremely docile dog. This race is peaceful and does not have any aggressiveness, so it is very reliable. On the other hand, due to his great intelligence it will not be difficult for you to teach him some basic commands, like how he feels, that he is still or that he follows you. In we teach you how to train a Golden Retriever .

Basic orders for dogs

To begin, you must know what are the orders that you will be able to teach your golden retriever, whether puppy or adult:

  • When you say " Come " your pet will come to you
  • When you say " Sit, " you will sit where you are
  • When you say " Lie down " you will lie on the floor
  • When you say " Follow " will accompany you wherever you go
  • When you say " Quiet " your activity will stop and it will stop
  • When you say " Bed " the dog will go to his bed

Patience with your pet

If your dog is a golden retriever puppy remember that it is as if you were treating a baby, and therefore it was not born knowing. You must be patient with him and not scold him. Think that your puppy is like a child who must be educated and guided little by little and with great care. If you are an adult golden retriever you must also be patient, dogs are not robots, and they learn based on repetition. So try it as many times as necessary until you learn the order.

The awards and compliments

Prepare a series of prizes for when your dog carries out your orders . In this way you will feel rewarded for your effort and understand that you have acted as your master has asked, and that is why you are satisfied. However, these prizes or rewards as food should be reserved for these special occasions, and should be an exquisite novelty for your palate. When giving him the prize you must praise him and give him a show of affection simultaneously.


The first order you can teach your golden retriever is to go wherever you are. To teach this, the ideal is that you stand at a certain distance, prepare a prize in your hand and give yourself a few pats on your thighs, leaning forward and looking towards him. At that moment say " Come !" and the name of your dog. He will come to you to collect his prize, and in this way he will understand the command "Come" every time you tell him. Remember to give him a prize every time he hears you, because this constancy is the way he will learn.

Sit down

For this order it is necessary that you move your pet slightly so that he understands it. Grab a prize and take it to shoulder height. Then move the back of your dog gently down until you manage to sit it down. Then give him his prize and congratulate him. Then repeat this activity but add the command " Sit " while you feel it.

Lay down

After getting him to feel, you can get him to lie down . While your dog is sitting in front of you, take the prize with your hand and lower it to the ground. Then your pet will begin to bend down to get the prize, so put it on the ground and congratulate him as he eats it. Then repeat these steps but saying aloud " Lie down " while doing it. Repeat this exercise the necessary times to learn it, but not followed so as not to overwhelm it.


Place the strap on your pet and put it on your left, both standing. While you are walking with your prize in your right hand, make sure you see it. Then say " Follow " or " Follow me " aloud as many times as needed until you complete your order. Immediately stop and offer your dog his prize and love.


Another order for your Golden Retriever is to be still, although you must be patient at the beginning so that it obeys you as soon as you ask for it. In fact, it is the order that requires the most time for dogs to learn, so at first you may have to practice keeping it tied. With your pet sitting or lying down, say " Quiet " and go back a few steps while you look at him. Then count to three and return to his side to reward him.


Finally, place prizes where you have your bed. The Golden Retriever must know where it is located, and at the beginning you will have to take it there and put it to bed while you say " Bed ", where you will find your prize. Little by little he will associate the command and its corresponding action with his prize, as in the other orders.

  • It is recommended not to exceed ten minutes of training in each session, because dogs have a limited time of attention.
  • Do not scold your pet, because that way you will not get anything. Just congratulate him when he obeys you so that he wants to continue doing it.
  • If you start to smell the floor or spin around, your dog needs to go to the bathroom. You should take her out to relieve herself as soon as she gets up, after every meal and before going to bed. When finished, give him a prize, and do not scold him if he does it inside the house. You will learn the same where you have to go to the bathroom.