How to do food for dogs

Feed your best friend with natural and high quality food! You can learn to prepare yourself the food that you will give to your dog taking into account a series of premises and tips that will help you to take maximum care of your health and ensure that your diet is of high quality. But, first of all, it is imperative that you ask the veterinarian of the animal for advice on which foods are recommended and the proper proportions in each recipe that you prepare, as you will understand, it will not be the same food that will need a chihuahua than a pit bull, for example; neither are the same nutrients that a young dog needs than an adult, so do not play it! and consultation with an animal health specialist. In this article we are going to tell you how to make homemade food for dogs and, so, you can learn some tips for feeding these animals.

Healthy food for your dog

Although many people do not dare to prepare homemade food for their dogs, the truth is that it can be a healthy sea practice as long as the premises marked by the veterinarian are followed. Keep in mind that, regarding commercial brands, homemade food tends to have a higher quality since the raw material we use will be (probably) better than the one used in the factories and, in addition, we can also better control the quantities and proportions with which we feed the animal.

Anyway, there are some food supplements that dogs should take with food and, therefore, you should know before starting to feed your dog with homemade food. Depending on the needs of each dog, you probably need higher doses of vitamins or minerals than others and, therefore, it is important that you seek advice from your trusted veterinarian .

Toxic foods that you should NOT give to your dog

Before starting to cook your recipes for the dog it is important that you know those foods that you should never give them because they are toxic and can be fatal for your digestive system. In this sense, you should know that the foods prohibited for dogs are the following:


This delicious food for people can be fatal to your best friend because it contains theobromine, a compound that increases the heartbeat, blocks the arteries and stimulates the nervous system so the dog can experience effects such as diarrhea, hyperactivity, vomiting or, in more serious cases, heart attacks or heart failure.


With this ingredient you will have to be very careful since, in many of our recipes, we include the onion to give more flavor to the stews or to the meals that we prepare. But keep in mind that this ingredient contains thiosulfate, a component that damages red blood cells and can cause side effects such as fatigue, anemia and serious breathing problems that, in high doses, can lead to death.


The same happens with garlic, another of the most used ingredients in the kitchen and that you should avoid to the maximum in the diet of your dog. The reason is that, like onions, this food contains thiosulfate and, therefore, can produce the same effects that we have mentioned above (anemia, fatigue, respiratory problems, etc.).


Avocado since it contains persin, a substance that is toxic to these animals and that can produce intense pains in the belly and even cause pancreatitis.


Potatoes are a type of food rich in starch, a component that is very difficult to digest for dogs and, therefore, may suffer from digestive problems; In addition to this, the shell, leaves and stem contain a natural poison (solanine) that can lead to the death of the dog so be very careful!


Nuts such as nuts are rich in phosphorus, a mineral that in large quantities can produce gallstones, that is, stones appear in this area; In addition, it can also produce some side effect related to your muscular health producing tremors, paralysis, etc.

Dairy products

When the puppies have already passed to adulthood should stop drinking milk immediately as they become lactose intolerant, a component that is not only found in milk but in all its derivatives: cheese, butter, cream, and so on. Therefore, when they become intolerant, if they consume this food they can suffer intestinal problems as well as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.


Another of the typical ingredients in our diet and that our best friends can not take: the tomato. The reason is that they are rich in solanine which, as with potatoes, acts as a natural poison in the health of our dog, as well as being a very acid food for your stomach health.

Food suitable for dogs (and necessary)

Now, on the other side of the coin we have the food that we should give to our dogs so you can prepare a delicious home-cooked meal that, in addition, is the most nutritious. You must take into account that your diet must be essentially composed of protein and carbohydrates, but also, we must include vegetables and fruits to ensure a balanced diet and full of essential nutrients for your body.

Here we detail the star ingredients for you to give your dog:


You can give meat of all kinds but the most suitable for dogs is chicken or other birds such as turkey, for example. The reason is that they are nutritious and low in fat that will provide our best friend with the vitamins and minerals you need without your calorie intake being too high. Although, you should know, it is also recommended once or twice a week to give other meats such as pork, veal, rabbit, etc.

The fat of these pieces of meat should not be eliminated because it is full of fatty acids that are very beneficial for dogs. You should also know that yes you should cook the meat but cook it little, just enough to eliminate bacteria that may be in the portions. Also you should never boil it because it can cause some disease to our animal; It is best to go through the grill or bake them for a few minutes.


Eggs can also be part of your dog's diet since it is a nutritious source of protein that will be perfect for our animal. You can give 1 to 3 eggs a week and these are raw, tortilla-shaped or hard, never fried! Think that olive oil, when heated, becomes toxic and for an animal that is not accustomed to this method of cooking can be very harmful to your health and well-being of the stomach.

Fruits and vegetables

Both raw and cooked, vegetables and fruits are ideal for our best friends to provide a good source of nutrition without having just fat content. Think that there are some options that are more digestible boiled than raw (the carrot, for example or the pumpkin). In this article we discover the vegetables that a dog can eat and in this other we indicate the vegetables that you can not eat.

White fish

They can also be part of your dog's weekly diet, but bear in mind that they will surely prefer meat before fish. Among the healthiest options, white is the most appropriate to incorporate into your menu as it has innumerable nutrients and with little fat content, therefore, it is a perfect ingredient to cook.

Of course: you should always be very careful when cooking this product and remove all the spines, making sure that the portion is clean because, otherwise, one of them can get stuck in his stomach and hurt him in a way serious. The cooking of these foods is recommended that, like the meat, be grilled or baked.