8 animals that camouflage to survive

Nature is wise, very wise. And, therefore, has endowed some animals with the ability to camouflage to survive in their natural environment. These animals are usually easy prey for other major predators and, therefore, have a natural ability to camouflage with the environment in which they are and, thus, go unnoticed in the eyes of other animals or even the human being. Then, in, we will discover 8 animals that camouflage themselves to survive so that you can know them and be impressed with the wisdom of nature.

Madagascar Geckos, the master of camouflage

Among the animals that camouflage themselves to survive, there is a species that lives in Madagascar and is known as the " Madagascar geckos ". This creature has some colors that are adapted to the environment and, therefore, can be easily confused with elements of nature such as dry leaves, fresh leaves, and so on.

These animals live in Madagascar and usually spend most of their lives in the trees. They only go down to land to lay their eggs and, then, when we can appreciate the great resemblance they have with the leaves of the trees, something that makes it almost invisible to our eyes .

The insects sticks, animals that are camouflaged to perfection

We continue with this list of animals that camouflage themselves to survive talking about one of the most spectacular: the stick insects. As the name suggests, these insects look like long sticks and, therefore, it is very easy to confuse them with one of them.

They usually live in shrubs or trees and, when the sun rises, they usually hide among the plants to avoid being attacked by other predators. So, during the night, they go out to eat and mate but their external appearance is ideal to keep them safe because they look like dry branches of trees.

The chameleon, one of the animals that best camouflage

If we talk about reptiles that camouflage themselves to perfection, then we have to talk about the chameleons because they are one of those who know how to do it with greater ease. These animals have the capacity to assimilate completely to the environment and, thus, to go unnoticed by other major predators.

Chameleons can mimic the environment and either adopt a greenish shade or a more brown one, depending on where they are located. It is amazing how they can camouflage even though they are animals that can be large.

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Leaf insect

The leaf insect is another animal that best manages to camouflage itself in nature. As its name indicates, it is an insect that closely resembles both the color and the shape of a green leaf and, therefore, can go completely unnoticed by the naked eye.

In addition, these insects have a very curious fact and is that, until now, no male has been found . This means that all of them are females and that the reproduction system they follow is what is known as "parthenogenesis". Since the male is not involved in any process, the new members of the species are always females.

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Green caterpillar

Another of the animals that best camouflage themselves in the environment in order to survive is the green caterpillar that can mimic the maximum with the area where they live, that is, with the branches of the plants and the leaves of them.

Thanks to the camouflage ability of these green caterpillars, they can go completely unnoticed by our eyes and those of predators, which is why it is an ideal method to survive as much as possible.

The cuttlefish, marine animals that camouflage themselves to perfection

Let's go now to the marine environment to find another one of the most amazing animals because of its ability to camouflage itself. It is the cuttlefish, some cephalopods that can take the color of the place where they are perched: sand, rocks, etcetera.

The reason why cuttlefish can camouflage themselves in such a complete way is that they have cells in their skin that have the capacity to adapt to any environment and, thus, can pass completely unnoticed.

Stone fish

We continue at the bottom of the sea to talk, now, about another of the most amazing fish in the ocean: the stone fish . It is a very poisonous animal and, in addition, you will find it very difficult to detect it with the naked eye as it looks like another stone on the ocean floor.

The reason why it can camouflage so well is because it is an animal that is a good swimmer and, therefore, would be a very easy prey for the rest of marine predators. However, because it is such a poisonous animal and so easy to miss, they can live longer.

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Owls, birds that camouflage themselves to perfection

And, finally, to finish with this ranking of the 8 animals that camouflage themselves to survive we will raise our sight to the sky to meet the owls, a birds of prey that are nocturnal and that are covered by feathers with a shade adapted to the environment.

The color of their feathers is very similar to that of the trunks of the trees and, therefore, they can rest on their branches without it being easy to detect them with the naked eye. Depending on the place of origin of the owl, will be covered with a type of coat and one color or another but, always, thought to camouflage with the natural environment.