How to train a boxer

Do you live with a beautiful boxer and do not know how to train? The boxer is a dog breed with a wonderful character. He has a lot of enthusiasm and energy, so you'll have to dedicate a little effort to his education. He is a very smart, loyal, sociable, affectionate and very active dog. We are going to give you some tips so that the learning process of your pet is positive and effective. Always thinking about the welfare of your dog and a pleasant coexistence. In .com we tell you how to train a boxer .

Steps to follow:


As we have already mentioned, the boxer is energetic, very sociable and intelligent, a breed of dog with an extraordinary character. He is very affectionate, curious and will always be attached to your skirts. It is usually easy to deal with, although sometimes it is a bit gross. As he has a lot of energy and curiosity, he sometimes gets nervous from so much excitement. He is a lovely, attentive and vigilant mascot and something that you must keep in mind for his socialization is that if a boxer ends up immersed in a fight he will not avoid it. That's why it's basic that you start educating him very soon.

In we tell you how a boxer behaves so that you understand better the character of your dog.


You have to start educating a boxer at an early age, especially because of the active and energetic nature of the boxer . This process of learning and socialization is gradual. It consists of preparing your pet for all the environment that will surround him in the future and this includes living beings and everyday activities.

That is why it is recommended to go for a walk and relate to people and other dogs of good character. All these positive influences will be crucial for your boxer to assimilate them. You should also avoid stressful situations or situations that may frighten you. Any object, noise or food can cause problems, so you must present all the elements that will be part of your life.

In we give you some tips so you know how to present two dogs.


To train your boxer you must set certain rules in the family and everyone must comply with them. Each member of the household must respect them and it is also essential not to punish your pet in any way. To do this you must use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior. That's the way to educate your boxer well.

Although we have said that you should not punish your dog, that does not mean that you should not correct the bad behavior . It is very natural for any dog ​​to behave inappropriately at some time: it may break something, bite your shoes, or go to sleep in your favorite coat. You must be clear that your dog will not understand if you fight long after having behaved badly.

Neither should you resort to verbal or physical violence because you will generate a lot of stress and discomfort. Adopting aggressive training methods will only encourage a negative attitude. If your boxer has done something wrong, the correct way to correct it is with a "no" and then, you must change radically of activity or place.


If your boxer shows something aggressive or tries to attack what you have to do is leave the site. Do not quarrel, do not punish them. You must always remember that aggressiveness promotes your pet's stress level. If your dog urinates inside the house, what you should do is take it to another place and clean it. It's not his fault, maybe you have not taken him out as often as necessary.

The Boxer is a nervous dog, with lots of energy and requires long walks to release tensions. If your pet has been given to bite what he should not, take a deep breath and then think about what you can do to change that situation. It may be very bad for the loneliness at home, so always leave toys or toys with candy, as fun as possible to exercise and have fun while you are away.


And finally, never forget the power of positive reinforcement . It is the best technique to correct behaviors in your boxer (and any domestic pet). With this method you will reward good actions and attitudes with mimes, sweets and compliments. By the way, to this breed of dog you lose the gestures of affection, so you can bet on them as a reward. This way your boxer will learn everything you propose to have a happy, satisfactory and full coexistence for all the members of the family.