How to detect a bad work colleague

We have all met once on our way with a lousy work colleague, one who blames others for their mistakes, who does not assume their responsibilities, who speaks ill of their colleagues, who exudes envy, pessimism and lack of professionalism. These unpleasant characters exist, but some people notice it when it's late, when maybe the damage is already done, that's why in .com we give you clues so you know how to detect a bad co-worker

Steps to follow:


This type of people will always see the negative side of a project and idea, and will criticize with harshness and sometimes without reason any innovative idea that has not come from their ingenuity, they usually show their envy constantly


They are motivated by bad news, so they tend to be people who enjoy a lot of the rumor, but above all of the negative rumor, that which involves other people's problems or misfortunes, be it from the company, the bosses, other colleagues, etc.


Hypocrisy is their best tool, with this they manage to move among people pretending what they are not, with that they also often find the information to create the rumors that they enjoy so much


He always seeks to impose his opinion on work projects, being very authoritarian (a), in the same way he is usually quite self-centered with his work, which leads him to criticize strongly the other's


He usually slips away from his responsibilities, assigning them to others, in many cases they are also people who, faced with the minimum situation of pressure or change, reveal their conflicting attitude


They are always on the defensive with envious attitudes, lack fellowship and often hold others accountable for their mistakes, which makes them caring persons


Detecting this type of people within the company is easy if we open our eyes, so if you are starting a new job, act with emotional intelligence and do not let yourself be carried away by first impressions, take the time to get to know your colleagues before get intimate with them


Before a person so the best thing is to keep as much distance as possible so as not to be a victim of their toxic attitudes. Do not forget that this type of behavior is counteracted by a good work performance and a positive attitude

  • A bad work colleague hides behind a hypocritical face so remember to carefully handle the relationships with your co-workers
  • Avoid participating in office rumors, because sometimes bad companions seek to drag them to be their accomplices, do not pass your, without noticing, for a bad person too