How to grow edible mushrooms at home

The most practical way to grow homemade edible mushrooms is to use elements easily found in our house. The cultivation of edible mushrooms is something that every day is more booming as mushrooms are an exquisite delicacy in the Mediterranean cuisine. Below we explain how to grow mushrooms at home.

You will need to:
  • Toilet paper
  • deep plate
  • garbage bag
  • a teapot
  • Water
  • kitchen burner
Steps to follow:


To begin the process of cultivating the mushrooms at home we must put water to boil in a teapot.


Place the roll of paper on a deep plate.


Throw the boiling water on the paper roll


Remove the cardboard from the center of the roll, use gloves if you can not burn.


Wait for it to cool below 30 degrees centigrade.


Pour mycelium over the roll and into the center hole.


Cover with the black bag and put in a cool place


After 15 or 20 days uncover, you have already done a good part of the work to grow mushrooms at home.


Put a day in the lower part of the fridge.


Take out in full light (better if you have fluorescent light for 12 hours a day). The mushrooms want a lot of light and if you can control it with a fluorescent you will not have to worry about this topic.


In another 10 days more you will enjoy beautiful home made gírgolas that you will be able to taste.