How to train a beagle

Charming, unique and yes, with a lot of personality, beagle have a large number of fans because they are ideal family members, but often they can be the ones who have absolute control of themselves and their families, leaving aside the indications of his master . For that reason since they are puppies they must be trained to go acquiring a suitable behavior, since they will take their time in learning. Practicing basic routines will be essential for the beagle to be a social, respectful and relaxed dog. Next we will give you some tips so that you learn to train your beagle and do not end up being your pet

Basic commands

The first thing you should know is that besides the name it is important that the commands that you indicate to your beagle are clear and short, examples like: "Sit" "go" "quiet" "Stop" "for" "come", are the most basic and will serve to understand and decipher the verbal words of humans.

Rewarding the good

One way to get the positive association for beagle, as with any other dog, is the food. You can reward him with what your beagle enjoys, that of a few amounts, rather as a snack that rewards a positive response.

Allowed spaces

There are certain behaviors that will let the beagle know who is the master, so delimiting the spaces that the dog can access is a form of respect that you should teach since he is a puppy. For example, the bed, the sofa or the dining room are not places for your dog. If you are eating at the table, you should give your beagle his meal in his usual place.

Dominating your hyperactivity

A hyperactive beagle dog must be taken seriously, this means that you have to dedicate and invest time in walking your dog and especially making him run. Make sure you exercise for more than half an hour, especially every morning and night, this will prevent you from being restless when you are alone at home and, therefore, break objects or bite them. Dogs that are long alone can come to believe that they are the dominant ones.

Jump on people

Your beagle dog will want to jump on you or the people who come home, a behavior very typical of this breed. Do not allow this type of behavior because you will repeat it over and over again with each of the visits you receive until it becomes intolerable. You can practice by ringing the doorbell and teaching the dog to be more than one meter from the entrance when the door is opened. Repeat the action several times and when you get your beagle to stand still, reward it with a snack.

  • The beagle are very astute and restless, therefore obeying a command different from what they want, it will take their time. Fill yourself above all with patience.
  • These dogs learn with positive responses rather than with negative responses, so being violent can act against training or a positive result.
  • Beagle dogs are extremely attached to their families. Long stays alone do not usually sit well, they will feel loneliness and anxiety; something that will not only affect your house and your objects but also the neighbors will feel it.
  • The more physical activity a beagle has since the morning, the better he will spend the rest of the day at home. Remember that 30 minutes is the minimum that a walk should last and this must be extremely active for the dog.