How to get more clients

A good preparation and presentation will help you get a new client . Presentation may be the hardest part, but lack of preparation may not give you the opportunity to make that sales pitch in the first place. Preparation requires investigation and due diligence to help you develop a sales pitch tailored to the needs of potential business partners.

Steps to follow:


Create a list of companies in your area and others that you think will benefit from doing business with your company. These may be companies with whom you have always wanted to do business, or with whom you are familiar only by the meeting of your representatives at networking events. Record the list of potential companies in a database. You will use this database to store information and access that information about potential business relationships.


Conduct research on the history and internal workings of each company . This may involve obtaining information from the company's website or articles from news publications that may indicate certain business trends or corporate leadership direction. Investigate a company's legal history of business violations, fines and procedures regarding criminal negligence and fraud.


Record the type of commercial products and services in which the companies specialize, so you can analyze how your company would adjust if there was a business relationship. Discover the strategies of the marketing companies, as well as the type of customers they are targeting with their marketing efforts.


Get in touch with an executive who has a leading role in the decision making of the company . Preferably, this person has the status of General Counsel in the company, since he would be able to direct it to the appropriate people with whom he should communicate. Let them know that you want to arrange a meeting with them and their colleagues, to discuss the establishment of a potential business relationship with your company.


Prepare for the presentation with your colleagues. Create a schema and decide who will present the sections of the presentation. If you are just a presenter, make sure they are well prepared with all the information they need to attend the meeting. Practice making the presentation in front of your colleagues so you can receive comments and improve it.


Meet with the executives of the company and present your proposal to do business with them. Provide information about your company, including brochures, catalogs and work samples. But above all, provide them with documents that support your business proposal and presentation. Visual aids are the key to making a clear and concise point to the corporate heads that will allow them to know exactly the type of business company that your company intends to have, so you can get more clients.


Try to schedule a follow-up meeting once the preliminary meeting has ended. Make sure you know if you are still interested in doing business with your company and ask if they have any additional questions or questions about your company. If the meeting was a success, then you can expect to hear from them in the near future.

  • To get more customers you should not only have a good product but be able to sell it better than anyone else.